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Scared to eat the bars!!

Hi everyone! I desperately need a bit of reassurance here please!! I'm on my last day of week 3 and have 1 soup, 1 shake and a meal bar left until my weigh-in. The trouble is I'm really worried about eating the bar in case it makes me gain weight or stop losing. I know its probably a bit silly of me to think like that - maybe its cos its 'chewy' food - but I'm thinking about skipping my evening meal and not having it cos with a weigh in tomorrow I don't want to jeopardise my losses. Does anyone eat them and still lose weight well? Help - I may be chewing the carpet by 10pm!!!!!
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Hi, I had 4 bars last week and still lost 4lb. They aren't much different in nutrtion compared to the shakes so don't miss a meal hun. Give it a try and see how you go. Zoe xx


Cambridge Consultant
Dont be scared to eat the bars hon, I have been having the bars since week 3 and I am now on week 17 and I have had a good loss each week... Some weeks I just have 5 bars.. It depends on the individual perhaps try them and see but it is good to chew and feel like your eating something.
Good luck and dont be scared they are very yummy x
I love the bars, I usually have one at the end of the day with a shake, I have three shakes a day and a bar so I like to treat myself on a night, so far so good.


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I was also a bit iffy about the bars but had one a day last week (my third week on SS) and still lost 4lbs. I find they dont fill me up as much as shakes or soup so I have them for breakfast as the mornings seem to fly by until lunch time...it's the afternoon I find the longest haul. See how you go with them maybe one or two a week to start. I am trying the mix a mousse this week. Have a great week.


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Reading this thread made me want to try the bars! I miss chewing! I haven't had a bar yet. I just enjoyed the shakes so much that I didn't bother buying any. Plus I am a bit nervous about liking them too much if you know what I mean :).


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That is an amazing weight loss! Well done! I'll try a bar next time I see my CDC :).
The cdcs say there is really no difference in weight loss with the bars. I've been having one for my lunch everyday at work and I've been losing. My problem with them is that they don't fill me up for long and I'm usually starving by night time.
Thanks everyone! That was very much appreciated. I think I've developed a bit of a phobia about them but I've been brave and just had the Cranberry bar - it took ages to eat and it felt like I was having a real treat! I'm going to get some more from my CDC tomorrow when I get weighed (eek - hope I've lost!!). I really do miss chewing so these will really help me. Hope I get the same fantastic losses as you all have! Thanks again! xxx
You should call yourself 'Iamlovely' and speak it into being!
Thanks Broxi! That would be a good name but I don't particularly feel it yet! I know that positive thinking is a powerful thing but I don't dare to dream that CD is going to take me all the way to my target. Its almost seems to be too good to be true and I've messed up so many times before that I havent quite got the self-belief thing going yet! Maybe I should call myself 'gonnabelovelyonedaybyhookorbycrook'!!!
That's exactly how I feel. I've been fat for so long and being thin seemed so impossible that I can't really believe I will do this either. Also I don't really know if I'll have the willpower to stick it out til my goal. Having said that I can't believe I've even come this far without cheating. I tried CD a few years back and lasted about 4 days and was in my bed crying I was so depressed and alone feeling but it is because of this forum that I have stuck to it so far- knowing other people are doing it, it is doable and that others are experiencing the same difficulties as me is so helpful to me. Also the sense of community that we're all in it together is so encouraging. Also the inspirational success stories makes me continue. Anyway, we can do it. We will be thin and lovely!
We will indeed! Take it day at a time and - as I read on another thread (one of yours I think!) - stop worrying about whats going to happen tomorrow or the day after or the week after. We've got to live in the here and now and today we are fabulous!!!!! xxx

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