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Back in Feb I started LL and completed 2 weeks. The reason I stopped was because one of the ladies in the class just used to go on and on about things that only applied to her and I felt she took over the counseling session. I resented the fact that I was paying £70 per week and didn't seem to get much out of the counseling.

Anyway I'm due to restart on LL and I have to say I'm really scared. I know I can do it but it's still really scary :cry:

Any advice would be welcome.

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Hi Mils.

well ive been on LL for 5 weeks now and the advice id give you is dont be scared, can honestly say even a week before I knew I was joining i didnt feel scared but felt very very excited and just couldnt wait to start! and its all been so worth it.

Hope this helps :)


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Are you scared because you think someone else will take over the group and you wont feel the benefit? Or are you scared of making the jump and commiting to doing it?
I think you should tell you LLC about your feelings and even if there is someone there who takes over (there usually is) you can always use your time when you get weighed and get your packs to talk privately with your LLC.
Good luck. x
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There is always benefit from others experiences, and stories, etc. But it is important you be heard to. You can always tell you LLC when being weighed that you would like to have a discussion about an issue troubling you, etc.

Be sure to speak up and get your time. If no one does, then the one who talks all the time will think no one minds and continue on.

Good luck!! :)


hi BL how are you honey? x
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Hi Tracy....I am 'ok'....hangin in there. I have been told I have PTSD, and have been signed off work for 6 weeks....4 more to go. The time off is helpful, and am now seeing a grief counselor. One day at a time. One foot in front of the other. phew. Hard work though. Some days better then others.

THanks for asking. :) Hope all is well with you. :)



bless you BL, you do need time off though so im glad! whats latest with the house? xx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi Tracy. Thank you. :) The house - well. The first buyers backed out - realised the changes they would want to make were to expensive. Shame really, because they wanted to maintain the main character of the house, just modernise it....and they wanted it to become their family home. ANyway, still for sale. We are running out of time to sell it. Unless the Reverse Mortgage people grant an extension on the loan they will repossess it the first week of October. :( Very stressful this stuff.



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Hi Mils, don't forget, technically the counselling is free and you're only paying for the packs.

That aside though it's the counselling that actually makes the difference between LL and any other diet. You've a right to be there as much as any of the others. Tell your LLC why it didn't work for you last time, don't be a wall flower. Every group has its leaders and followers and the LLC should be trained to make sure that everyone has their say.

Good luck and certainly don't be scared!


awww BL my heart goes out to you, really does!
can only imagine what your going through, bless you xx

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