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had to go to the docs yesterday only to get some more of "the pill" anyway saw the family planning lady she weighed me then looked at my note and said oh you have lost alot of weight since the last time i saw you so i told her about LT she gave me a dissaproving look and told me she was very sceptical about such things she felt if you lost weight that quick you would put it on just as quick! so i had to go into the whole explanation of what LT was about the refeed how LT was introduced, cant wait to go back in another 3 months with my maintained weight so i can say told you so not everyone has to put it all back on! xx
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Yeah my doc was the same! Not approving at all. Am not telling her I'v started again! Its not for long hopefully, so shouldnt matter!
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I get that sort of reaction all the time, so typical, is it that people are anti-change and dont like things they dont understand??!!


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Faaaaark the disbelievers ;)

Use their negativity as positive inspiration :)


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You show her hun. It can be done and you will do it. I'll be honest, maintaining is tough....I find it tougher then the diet as the choices are mine, but I've managed to maintain for about 10 months now. I have a zone that I'm happy to be in and if it goes up to the top end then I have some shakes for a couple of days and its gone.

What differance does it make, how you lose the weight? I dont get how doctors etc disapprove, surley to god its for your own health benefit to be loosing excess weight and lowering your BMI ??????
My o/h is worse than that. Here's a list of gems he's come out with up to now...

  • When explaining that I'm lighter than when I last dieted (3 years ago)... "You must have lost weight from different places than the last time you lost it."
  • "The minute you eat anything you'll put it all back on"
  • "You should be exercising more" (I'm doing weights and I have a horse to look after every day)
  • "You'll put your weight back on to keep you warm in the winter" (I'm feeling the cold while I'm in ketosis)
He's constantly rubbishing LT, giving me no encouragement or praise whatsoever, and though I've lost 19lb he won't admit that I look any different. I've gone into size 10 jeans which I can get on and off without undoing them, when I started the diet I was busting out of size 12s.

Miserable git. :mad:
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well i love LT its made my life so much better and healthier which i see as only a good thing x
Im with you on that one most of the people who are sceptics are usually overweight themselves or really skinny people so I just nod my head and dony rise to the bait
Ooh Zanya, how haven't you stabbed him in the head??!! My O/T was mildly critical of me about being fat - he tried to be jokey about it but it did get me down (more of you to love, you're twice the woman i married etc etc ha bl**dy ha). He actually admitted this week that i have lost weight but i know he's secretly thinking i won't stick at it. Well i will!

i must admit I have friends who have done LL and I was thinking "how can you do that - how desperate do you have to be" until one of them said "you have to want it enough to do it". I always thought I'd never think like that, but I do now - and am I'm so pleased I started LT and found this forum - I feel like a new person
Not all health professionals are sceptics ;)
I think it all comes down to lack of available accurate information.
The LT programme (like most VLCD diets) when followed correctly produces fantastic weight loss results not to mention the obvious health benefits that follow.
In a time when diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are commonplace it seems ridiculous to me that a small amount of medically trained people feel it necessary to diss something that can actually help people become healthier.
I think it is about time that these people actually opened their minds to new ideas that are actually helping people with weight loss where in most cases the older traditional routes have long since failed.
LT when followed correctly is safe and medically supervised by highly qualified and skilled professionals such as Pharmacists.
Pharmacists train for 5 years and as health professionals on the frontline of patient care are more than capable of supervising safely customers undertaking VLCD diets - So is it the diet these sceptics choose to doubt or the professional integrity of the Pharmacists!!
Rant over lol!!!:D
i must admit I have friends who have done LL and I was thinking "how can you do that - how desperate do you have to be" until one of them said "you have to want it enough to do it". I always thought I'd never think like that, but I do now - and am I'm so pleased I started LT and found this forum - I feel like a new person
I feel like a totally new person this afternoon - one who can't concentrate, makes more mistakes than you can shake a stick at and who looks like a ghost in the mirror! Feel awful - going home to go to bed :(
I think you've all done so well in losing your weight and I hope this doesn't come out the wrong way but I really admire you all because from what I've read of lipotrim it takes a LOT of willpower and that's really something that should be celebrated.
It's easy to lose weight counting calories and doing certain plans and eating junk food but you're all doing so so well.

I'm doing atkins and get the negative comments constantly...'oh thats crap, that doesn't work etc etc etc etc' and it can demotivate you (well obviously it's demotivated me before cos I'm back losing weight) but tbh i feel really positive about it now regardless of what anyone says!!!

The only one you really have to prove anything to is yourself!!
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Do the doctors not know about Lipotrim? I thought that as it is run by qualified health professionals that they would have some idea. Health professionals are not going to support and advocate a scheme that is dangerous or they lose their registration/ licence to practice (and their livelihood). Maybe Lt need to talk to organisations that oversee G.Ps and G.P nurses, as everyone they put off is adding to a list of people who are struggling with their weight and is endangering their health. Counting points or Syns is not for everyone


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my OH told me, dont even start one day on that diet its rubbish, and here I am past 2 weeks and a stone light:p