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School Holidays - advice please to stop me eating the world

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by cery, 9 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. cery

    cery Full Member

    Morning all :) So, the kids are off for the Easter holidays, I work at the local school so I am off as well. This is where I come unstuck, not having the usual structure to my day, find myself wandering kitchenward just because. Any suggestions of some low or free snackrels I can rustle up other than carrot sticks and fruit? :help2:
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  3. Jackie65

    Jackie65 Full Member

    I have the same issues Cery, its so hard when your not in your usual routine and so much temptation around........ WE CAN DO THIS!!!
  4. shazza1981

    shazza1981 Member

    every time you go to pick up something think will this get me closer to my goal? If not put it down. I always snack on fruit, yoghurts but you could make syn free pancakes or something to nibble on? x
  5. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I have the same issue with weekends, because I'm not at work there's no structure. Keep yourself busy, if you're anything like me, you tend to eat more because you're a bit bored rather than because you're actually hungry! There are some brilliant naughty items that are low Syn in case you feel the need for a treat - Velvet crunch crisps for example are only 4 Syns, but feel naughty! If you're worried about carrot sticks etc getting boring, add some low calorie/low fat hummus and dip, it'll take you longer to eat, be more filling and a lot less boring!

    How old are your kids? You can maybe get them involved in cooking some low syn treats? Then they'll be entertained, you wont be bored/have time to snack and you can enjoy the end result without feeling guilty!

    Remember healthy fruit and veg doesn't have to be boring - I was totally against the idea of snacking on fruit and veg when I started, but you can make them interesting and I actually find myself looking forward to a veggie snack now!
    Good luck!
  6. cery

    cery Full Member

    Thanks guys, some good tips there :) Sunny and warm here today so been out in the garden with the kids, trying to keep busy lol! Weeding, aka standing around with hands on hips thinking and glaring at the weeds..... Definitely only snacky out of boredom, but figure it is better to have something to hand rather than panic mode.
  7. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    One thing I sometimes do is make a massive SW "quiche", chop it into bite size pieces and leave it in the fridge.
  8. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    Just reiterating others, but defo spend some time creating some 'to hand' syn free or low syn snacks. Veggie sticks ready in fridge, or a frittata to nibble on. Fruit & yoghurt made up ready? I find that when u want a quick fix, if you haven't got to prepare it then your more likely to take your healthy option! I work in a school too, so feel your pain! I like to get out & keep busy. Less time to wander kitchenware & sometimes burn some extra calories too!
  9. Snozzberry

    Snozzberry Full Member

    My husband is off with the smalls this week, I am off next week. I have spent this week stocking up my synful treat drawer and at the weekend I'll stock up on nice fruit and natural yogurt and hope that my 2 year old doesn't scoff all the fruit first (they've already located, pleaded for and eaten some of my freddos). I also keep meaning to make some SW falafels, so that may be Sunday night's job.

    I survived the last school holiday but I was only a week or two into the plan and was all full of enthusiasm then :/
  10. MagicBeans23

    MagicBeans23 Full Member

    Haha, oh for the enthusiasm of the first few weeks! SW falafel sounds nice? Recipe? :)
  11. cery

    cery Full Member

    Hehe :) Yes my two children keep wanting to steal my goodies, horrors!
  12. Snozzberry

    Snozzberry Full Member

    I thought it was on the SW website but I can't find it. Maybe it was in the magazine... I'll try to look it out!

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