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School Prom challenge

What diet are u on x
im not on a diet its just more of a cut down and the gym 3-4 times of the week.
well i'm sure if ur really determined then u can do it.. a great thing to do would be to plan ahead.. it gives u a structure to work from and it'll help you to avoid snacking. Write some things down..like whyyou are doing this.. and look at it at times when you feel like you want to give up. Measure yourself, and weigh yourself once a week, it's probably important to do both as when ur going to the gym your building muscle which is heavier so u might feel disillusioned, the measurements will help you notice inch loss too. You could perhaps try a low carb diet, and stick to proteins like chicken and fish. Drink around 3ltrs of water a day too, all these will help.
There are of course diets like slimming world, or weight watchers.. which sound really daunting, but the meetings r fine and not at all what u expect and a lot of people have great sucess from these. I'll add that Lipotrim is a very low calorie diet in which you would see faster results, its difficult and around £36 perweek but u loose 1-1.5stone per month. These are the only things i could give an opinion on as ive tried them.. but you know whats right for you.
Good luck and keep coming on minimins.. keeps you focused xxxxxx
Luke - you have 8months .... so you can easily do it.

Lots of sensible eating - no snacks, plenty of water and gym as well - no problem! Keep coming on here and letting us know how you are getting on.
im doin ok i think, but i can tell you one thing im not unfit im just overweight ,, its hard to understand but i could run at least 5 mile but like i say im over weight it soo unfair!!
oh well done on the 3lb!

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