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I'm off to Eyemouth at the end of September bit late I know but it was the earliest mt other half could get a week off! Its just above Berwick in the Scottish Borders! I actually really want to move to Scotland. I've only ever been once before, 2 years ago to Inverness and we loved it, scenery is beautiful, air is so clean :)

If we move there my other half really wants to go to the Highlands, but as I have a 17 year old daughter that I'm going to have to leave behind, I'm worried about going so high up, which is why I booked this holiday to eyemout as I'd read some great stuff about it and it has a harbour and is on the borders, so its much lower down.

Can anyone else recommend any places in Scotland for living and holidaying? I've got two young babies so schools are important to me as well :)

Looking forward do your advice! :)

Take care

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We are going too Berwick On Tweed on friday for a week, thats just on the boarder, its beautful is Scotland, i think you need too try for few places for yourself.
The Borders are a lovely, lovely place for a holiday, and we are planning to retire there (in 20 years or so!), and a great envirnmnet for kids, as plenty of outdoor activities and nice countryside. BUT the borders are not best served by schools or health facilities, as all the towns are small and strung out. Edinburgh is not far, but who wants the commute? Ditto for Newcastle- they are both just a bit far to be totally convenient. The Highlands are remote too, although because they are officially claased as remote populations (whereas the Borders are not) they are a bit better organised around Schools and Health care- ironic!

I'm not being critical because I am Scottish and I love every glorious inch of this country.

If you are really open to suggestions, might I suggest Perthshire- you can live in lovely countryside but just be a few miles from Perth and Dundee (where I live at weekends), which both have big hospitals, lots of dentists etc. North of Perth is wonderful country en route to Inverness, and there are great schools throughout Perthshire, some of the best rated in the UK. Also loads of outdoor activities. You won't be near the sea, but you won't be that far away either, as nowhere in Scotland is really.

Also, 2 reasonable sized cities not far away means loads more job opportunities too.

Asfor holidaying everywhere in Scotland is fab, but I would really recommend the Islands, especially the Western Isles- just magical, like a different world. Try Arran, Islay, Skye and Mull- heaven!
Hi Eileen, Sounds great, wish I could have gone a bit earlier :) Hope the weather holds out till september :) Let me know if you go to any interesting places worth checking out. I definately want to go to Alnwick Castle :) Take care, Laura x
Thanks hippoelli, that's great!!! I will definately start checking out perthshire!! I keep using the rightmove website to see what's available and pricing :) I live in Great Yarmouth which is okay, but I just want to get away from all the commercialism and I've always had a calling to Scotland! (but then my surname is Graham now I'm married!) ;-) My husband is keen as well and I think his mum and Dad will most likely follow as will mine :)) I've always wanted to go the Isles! I will definately book a trip to one of them, always fancied the Isle of Skye :)

One of the main things is that we don't want to be completely out of it, so living somewhere that feels like 'Scotland' but is close enough to a city/hospitals/great schools would be perfect :)))

I'll keep you posted on how I get on :) Where do you live generally, if not in Scotland??
I work in Newcastle during the week, and make my way 'home' to just outside of Dundee (Angus) every weekend and for holidays. I was on Skye again this year and loved every second of it- I have been there half a dozen times and have not finished exploring it yet. My mum lives in Ayrshire (also a great place to locate, more rain than you might like, but lovely warm summers usually and Ayrshire is right next to Glasgow) and she was on Islay this year for her hols- it was on Springwatch this year so if you saw that you'll know how beautiful it is.

I can't seem to break away from Scotland- I hate nationalism, but there is something about this place that means I'll always be coming home here. Mind you Newcastle a great place too- heck I love the whole UK!! Except maybe...better not say I'll offend loads of people LOL!
Hi Laura

I lived in Edinburgh for 14 years and loved every minute of it. Edinburgh itself doesn't feel like a normal city but has all the conveniences of a big city. One area nearby that is beautiful is East Lothian. It's all pretty coastal but an easy drive/train/bus to Edinburgh as well as an easy drive to the borders. Fife is also lovely but crossing the Bridge to get back into Edinburgh to commute can be a nightmare.

I've just moved back to North Wales because of family (it's where I'm from originally) but had a bit of a twinge of regret this morning seeing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on the TV this morning :(. Mind you it's total madness for the next 3 weeks and I used to spend the time cursing tourists when I had to get to work!

Good luck with your hunting and enjoy your hols.

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