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seashells diary...with a touch of honesty

hi all, first off a bit about me. I'm michelle and I an living in orkney but I'm really a cornish lass that left my family back in cornwall nearly 11 years ago. I have seen friends and family loose weight on lipotrim in the last 2 or 3 years and thought about giving it a try....yurns out that there is only one pharmasist in orkney registered to prescribe lipotrim up here and I know her (none of the doctors are), Great I thought..this means I will get the support I need from someone I already know:D But no, it turns out she doesnt agree with it and wont prescribe it:sigh: so I tred dieting other ways...lots of other ways..I would loose nearly 1 stone then weight loss would slow and I'd give up. So after talking to a cousin who has been on it for (at the time 4 weeks) and done brill, shes loving it, I started looking on ebay....so here is the honest part I an being very naughty and doing this on my own:( appart from the support I am getting from my cousin that is on it and another cousin that happened to restart the day after me(she did really well the first time but a few family crississes got in the way) I was told to look on this website and it really helped but it took me 2 weeks to join you all.

My journey hasn't been very far yet but I have set myself a goal of 2 stone as I dont want to give myself a chance to quit I thought i'd start off small. I started lipotrim 8/6/10 at 13st and haven't been below 12.4 scince I had my first of 3 children 9.5yrs ago.

for the first week I found some books I wanted to read, did minimum housework and left the rest to wait till I was feeling great...which I was told would happen!!!
week one done 6lb gone i was a little dissapointed. never mind week 2 will be better.

I got a bit more energy in week 2, got my cross trainer set up and set into the housework i'd neglected in week 1.....well I ve got three kids who like to make a mess...oh dear:sigh: end of week 2 house still not straight and 5lb lost (crosstrainer only used twice).

start of week 3 and I started with a bad tum, pmt and what I like to call moon maddness ( am a cow a couple of days before full moon) I always used to eat my way through the last 2. so by thurs was feeling bad, mad and cos of my bad tum sick to boot....had a big blip thurs eve but stopped feeling sick after so that was good, I think..
I was straight back on track on fri, bad tum still there but not feeling sick so back to lipotrim full throttle, as of fri have been back to 100% my kids went on hol with there granny for a week, they left yesterday so i have a house to sort out and we have sheep to shear before I pick the kids up on fri and make the long drive to cornwall to visit family for a few weeks.

sorry if this is all too much and I have bored you, thankyou for taking the time to read it. And good luck to anyone on this it can be hard going at times but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end. :D:D
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sorry about all the above mistakes i didn't re read until after i posted:eek:
well thats sunday nearly over,I decided i needed a bit of excersize today so took my pony out for a ride....2 hours later i got home with a very sore bum,:eek: still got 1 more shake to go.:)
It has been a very positive day for me today, lets hope tomorrow is as good:D
monday and tuesday went well 100%:D out rolling fleeses for the sheep clipping so plenty of excersize:) but rather tender by the end of day 2. weigh in yesterday (tue) -3lb (totm):).1stone gone:D.
Today hasnt been so good, had to take OH to the drs, he had an accident on the quad bike...dr didnt have any thing to stitch his face up so mad rush to catch the boat and off to A&E.....left the house having only had 500ml waster and nothing else so by 2.00 I caved and ate:break_diet:I know its a bad excuse an I feel guilty now but I will try not to repeat the process cos I am already half way to my goal:D


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Obviously we would advise against buying off ebay as you are not 100% sure of what you are getting, is the pharmacist on the LT site as a listed participant in distributing LT....if so I would report them for refusing to let you on the programme.......

Well done on the weight loss though x
don't really want to go down the reporting road as she lives on the same island as me and it is a very small community, don't want to fall out with anyone as life can be hard enough here without that.
did speak to dr before I started although they cant give it out i did talk about buying it off the internet and doing it on my own and she didnt seem too woried about it but not sure how much longer i can keep it up....willpower is on the wain :( but thankyou.
well i was really naughty on my drive from orkney to cornwall with the kids and over the weekend :break_diet:but got back on track on monday, have been feelinhg very positive and getting alot of support from my family:D


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Great that you are getting support from your family....just try not to blip again.....lol....though its very hard to get back on the straight and narrow after.......good luck
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Hi Michelle

Glad you've got back on track, it would be a shame as you've put so much effort in and having good losses.

Emma x
hi sonya and emma thankyou, I cant afford to blip again now as I need to reach my goal before going back to Orkney.....we dont have many clothes shops:mad:....and mum has promised to take me shopping lol:D just under a stone to go....

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