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second time around !!


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:wave_cry: Hello everyone, well I'm starting back on LT tomorrow :eek: Last year I lost 56lb and am sad to say have put on around 18lb ( will know for sure tomorrow when I go to the chemist and get weighed). I maintained really well until xmas when I went bloody mad and ate and ate. No excuses, it was my own fault. So I have taken stock and decided to get back onto the Lipotrim train and lose the very offending weight.
I think one of my biggest mistakes was not coming onto this site once I was maintaining, I think complacency became a factor. Well it is stopping and I am going to be good good good. I've got a wardrobe full of brand new clothes what I've just about grown out of so I'm determinded to get back into them.
I'm aiming for round about 20 - 28 lb which would take me to the lower end of my BMI, so here goes.
Well done to all on your fab losses and keep it up xx;) Will update my ticker after my weigh-in tmoz
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you can do it we will nag each other xxxx


Doing it for my girls!
Welcome back. Well done on losing 56lbs and I'm sure that offending 18lbs will be off in no time! Good luck!

Claire xx


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Well done on your previous weight loss. You did it once and had more to lose, im sure you will fine this time round and back into your new clothes in no time at all. Dont forget to come on here it really does help.
Good luck


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya chick and welcome back!!!

Good luck with the restart!!


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Thankyou everyone, well as you may see from my ticker I've got 25lb to lose, the pharmacist was lovely, as I was feeling like a bit of a failure through putting weight back on, but he was fab:). The day is going ok so far, so fingers crossed the rest of the day will continue the same way.
Keep up the grand work everyone, and nicky26 hope your first day back goes smoothly. Cheers xx Fi x


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Iya love and welcome back!!

Best of luck with the restart, uv done so well as it is!!



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I've re-started today too. I don't feel so bad now that I know I'm not the only one. I lost 55lb last year, but due to health issues I had to come off Lipotrim. I have been naughty and after my weigh in today I have gained a couple of stone , but today is a new beginning. Good luck ladies.


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good luck fi im a couple of weeks in not been weighed as i had some left over and a friend of mine gave up after a day so ive got hers too , maintaining is really hard and its true you do become a bit complacent once youve lost the weight but at least you are doing something about it now before you put anymore back on good luck hun xx


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Hiya Lillie, it feels a bit like de ja vu. How are ya, hows the weight coming off this time, is it harder than first time round?? Got my first day over n done with now, just got to have my last shake, but have been guzzling loads of H2O. Have you got much to loose or is it just xmas you need to loose. Mines xmas and a bit more, anyway, it's nice to see a familiar face on here, good luck hun, speak soon xx :wavey:


weighs a lot less
im finding it harder than first time , think its because im not as huge as i was to start with , ive put about 2 stone back on since last july and to be honest i started working full time and slipped back into eating on the go and not exercising , so im back at circuit training and im power walking 3 times a week , if you need me pm or im always on facebook xxx

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