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Second time round, starting tomorrow

Hi all,

I am also a second time round girl, lost a little under 3 stone by July last year :). Then my counsellor left and I joined another group for management. I didn't really settle in this group and used the fact that the class was too far away and too late at night as my excuse to stop attending.

At first I did ok, even managed to stay more or less the same weight after a 3 week family holiday.

However, the weight was slowly creeping on... lots of the lovely clothes I bought were too tight but thankfully I didn't buy any in a size up!!!

Then, in December, I got a letter from the counsellor I met during the ill fated management sessions.... she had a refresher course starting 12th January 2008. That is the best letter I have ever received!!! I knew I was putting weight back on and didn't want it to continue.

Anyway, I went to the session today and met lots of lovely new friends, all in the same boat as me and knew I had made the right decision with rejoining. I even had a pleasant surprise... I have only put 21lbs back on, not the 2 stones I thought it was!!

I've read all of the other threads in this forum and was very motivated to learn that after the first two weeks I should be ok, thanks to you all, it does help to see that it can be done!!!

I am sooo looking forward to:
  • increased energy levels
  • shiny, thick hair
  • long and strong nails
  • beautiful, healthy, glowing skin
  • being able to open the wardrobe and take out anything knowing it will fit, look good and I'll feel great
I start on the packs tomorrow and will keep you posted on my progress.

Take care

Trish xx
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i could say ditto to your post ............... don't forget your ticker xx
Good decision.........think of all the things you would say to a new starter, starting for the first time - even write a list out ! You can apply it to yourself and use all the knowledge you have gained from your earlier experience.......chuffed for you and your Group.......
can i join you please x
........hugs to you........ lilac please check in on me tomorrow please ...............off to pick up boys from the piccies xx
I'm exhausted watching my avatar !!!
Trish I did exactly the same as you except I put on a lot more weight since stopping, but getting back into it this week has been a Godsend - feels great to see the scales going down instead of up.

Best of luck.
Thanks everyone, nice to meet you all.

Today hasn't been too bad, I'm struggling a bit to drink as much water as I should, but I have time to get on track.

Thankfully I haven't felt hungry but have been thinking of food all day.

How is everyone else getting on?

Trish xx
you have done sooooooooooo well keep it up.............remember i am watching !!
where are you ?????????????????????

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