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Second week's weigh in


Taking it Day by Day
Hi All!
I have basically just been lurking on this forum for the last few weeks while I was trying to decide which diet plan I should go for. As you can see from my sig I did LL last year, managed to loose a lot of weight, run out of money and couldn't finish management and put on a wee bit:rolleyes: over christmas. I just couldn't face going back to not eating (for a variety of reasons) and although I tried, I failed to lose any weight on my own. I think I just need that extra bit of outside motivation to keep me going.
I did WW decades ago (oh that makes me sound really old now) and didn't really get on with it but after reading all your inspiring diaries and especially the food diaries (wow, you can really eatTHIS on WW!! was one of my recurring thoughts) I actually joined last week.

I was sooo nervous that this plan wouldn't work for me (regardless of the fact that it worked for lots of other people) and I think that was the main reason for me not posting earlier.

I am just soo pleased that after a week of KickStart I managed to lose 3 lbs and I can now upt my points a little bit. I am slowly getting the hang of the pointsvalues in things and how to save some for a nice treat in the evening (my main nibbling time). I am still nervous that I won't lose next week mainly because I am now on my full points allowance and will go out for some fish and chips on Saturday but I keep telling myself that as long as I follow the rules it will be ok.

I hope to post here regularly as the support you give to one another is really great!
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Hi Juliakno
I recognise you from the LL forum! I also did LL last year but got sick of packs! I joined WW last night and WOW has the food lists changed from last time I did it! You will see from my signature what I want to lose. I know you lose alot less on WW than LL but you eat "proper" food lol I really want to do this. Good luck and well done on your first week loss - brilliant


Still Climbing That Hill!
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Welcome to WW and well done on the 3lbs loss thats fab.


Taking it Day by Day
Thanks for your kind replies everyone.
I am now well into my second week of WW and I am really, really enjoying this. I can see now why most of you are so enthusiastic about WW, it really is a lot different to when I did it years and years ago.

I am getting the hang of the pointsvalues in most of my favourite foods, learn how to make slight adjustments to save on those precious points, and while I have to admit that on some days there just don't seem to be enough points for my appetite:rolleyes:, generally I don't feel deprived at all. Saving points for a weekend treat is great and I have a nice evening out with DH planned for tomorrow including a fish and chips meal and I am saving between 2 to 3 points every day so I don't need to worry tomorrow.

Saying that, I am a bit nervous about the next weigh in purely because after a week of Kickstart on 18 points I am now up to my actual allowance and of course fear that the extra calories will interfere with my weightloss. I just have to tell my chatterbox to get lost and not to worry about it

Hi Minni! I think I remember you as well. I too (apart from the money issue) just couldn't face the prospect of going back on packs and felt there must be a better way of doing this. Don't get me wrong, I think LL was great for me at the time as I needed to lose some weight fast for health reasons, but now it just didn't feel right for me anymore. I need to learn to lose/manage my weight around food and just felt that I was getting a bit to dependend on this "just have some packs and the weight will come off again" idea.

I was soo over the moon last week when I actually lost weight while eating (and some of it was definitely not the healthy kind, isn't it great that we can incorporate whatever we fancy as long as it doesn't add up to more than the actual points).

I know the losses will be slower but as I have a lot less to lose than this time last year it doesn't seem such a big mountain to climb, even a 1-2lbs loss a week will get me there in a couple of months. I just could not not eat again. I just like my food I guess... All the best for your first week, how are you finding it soo far?
S: 13st4.0lb C: 11st13.0lb G: 9st9.0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 1st5lb(10.22%)
Hi Julia

I know what you mean about LL, I too wanted to lose a stone quickly! I had 3 stone to lose. I have reduced my goal by a few pounds and have exactly 2 stone to lose. I weigh on on Tuesday evenings so I will let you know how I do.

I am find it ok thus far but only on 3rd day! I made some soup last night with: leeks, carrots, butternutsquash, tin of chopped tomatoes, celery, onion, garlic, herbs. Just had a cup for my lunch with 4 oat cakes - 2 points! How good is that? The soup was lovely really thick and satisfying. I have frozen 3 more portions for bringing to work next week for lunches.

Planning to have fish fingers, oven chips and baked beans for dinner. Have some WW chocolate chip cookies so may have a portion after dinner.

I will stuggle at weekends though - I am "in a routine" if you like during the week but we will see. I hope to lose 3lbs on my first week but if I can lost 1½lbs each week, I will get to goal in June before my holiday.

How are you finding it?

Good luck



Taking it Day by Day
Thanks for the welcome Paula36, this forum is really great and inspirational, thanks everyone.

Hi Minni64, my weigh-in also is Tuesday evening, so let's cheer each other on! I know what you mean about weekends. I also have a really good routine going during the week but on weekends we are basically just rushing around a lot and in the past have always just snacked all day (not on healthy food more the grab and gobble stuff…) and then had some more food in the evenings. Following the points has really opened my eyes to all these calories I would have eaten without actually really counting them. I really plan ahead now for the weekends and always have a fruit or WW crisps or WW cookies in my bag with me, and just adding up the points and knowing how much I will need for dinner keeps me on the straight and narrow. And also if I really wanted that bag of crisps or sweets I can (wohee!!) as long as I count it and make up for it in the evening. Also saving points for the weekend is great. I tried to save around 2 points every day this week so I can relax a bit over the weekend. I think I relaxed too much though:whistle: but the good news is that it didn't send me back to the fridge for more as I "failed" but instead I continued counting and am now just making up for the extra points over the next couple of days. I am relearning my whole relationship to food so I can't expect to always get it right.

Still I will be happy as long as I won't have put on anything tomorrow. I managed to stay away from the scales this morning (and boy were they calling my name…)

Hope you had a good weekend. BTW where are you going for your holidays? (hot and sunny I assume…)
S: 13st4.0lb C: 11st13.0lb G: 9st9.0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 1st5lb(10.22%)

Hiya Julia
Well as you can see from my title I am going to sunny Barbados! Went there last year and we thought it was so fantastic we are going again this year, 22 June.
Well weekend, tut, what happened there then? Went for an indian and had far too much :party0036:I am so good during the week - focused but just go to pieces at the weekend. (note to self - MUST TRY HARDER). Going to go swimming tonight and will try and go at least 3 times per week. I feel certain I will have either stayed the same or put on tomorrow night - that's dreadful for a first week weigh in! I onlly have to lose 1-1½lbs per week and I will be at goal before my hols - surely even I can do that!
Good luck Julia and let us know how you get on tomorrow


Taking it Day by Day
Wow Barbados, sounds lovely, if only I wasn't so scared of flying I would love to go somewhere like that, maybe one day....

I could have written that bit about your weekend, I also "fell" into the wine bottle by accident, and instead of my 1 glass I planned for had 3:sign0007: but I really enjoyed the evening out and the fish and chips (and nuts:whistle:)were lovely. I lived on 17 points yesterday and will do the same today, and the points saved will hopefully account for the extra.

Well done you for going swimming three times a week. I love swimming but seem to never have time to actually go (really, really!) I have a 2 1/2 year old at home and going swimming basically means sitting at the edge of the pool with her holding on to me for dear life. when she starts preschool in September swimming will defnintely be on my list. I did manage to walk a bit more this week though.



Taking it Day by Day
Oh well, here goes, I stayed the same this week:eek:. I am actually not too sad about it as I had a rather too relaxed Saturday and also attended a pizza and pancake party just before the weigh in, and even though I did not eat anywhere as much as I would have in the past I had a slice of pizza and some pancakes:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: (yes, more than 1) so I actually expected to show a gain on the scales.

I am pleased to say that it did not send me into a "sod it, let's eat and start again tomorrow", even though I was really tempted by some microwave popcorn sitting in the cupboard. Something just clicked into place in my brain and I decided against it, and this morning I am really pleased I did.

Anyhow, back to basics for me. I am pleased to say that I am newly motivated for this week. I will do the kickstart again for the next couple of days, basically having 18 points a day and I might go up to 21 for the weekend should I need to.

0 point soup here I come

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