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Secret Diary of a Cool Girl

Hello everyone.
I've just joined this site after lurking about for a few weeks, and have been inspired to write my own food diary and journey. It does seem to work when you write it all down, and share with others - so here goes.

This is my 2nd time with SW - the first was about 5 years ago when I only had about a stone to lose - it went well, but I just couldn't for a reason I've forgotten, stick with it.
Well, now I'm at my heaviest ever and have piled on that stone again and added another 2 for good measure.

I'm doing the plan with my 16 year old daughter, it was her health that spurred me on this time as she has recently suffered from a medical problem (intercranial hypertension) and weight loss is proven to be beneficial - all the doctors, at hospital were really pushing it, and after losing a few kilos just by cutting out the rubbish she has felt better.
We're really trying to keep the meds at bay and so far she has had just one initial intervention (lumbar puncture - ugh!!).

I'm so proud since starting SW she has lost 15 1/2llbs - she can't wait to see the doctors faces at her next appointment, and is loving her emerging shapely figure. Although as an always chubby child and curvy teenager she had no body issues and loves her boobs - for which I am eternally grateful as I think she'll continue this journey with a healthy attitude to food and weight loss.

As for me, I wallowed in the extra weight and hated it for all those years, but it wasnt until I was in the right head space that it was time for SW intervention - to be honest it would have been a waste of money before now. But I will do it this time.

I cant figure out how to do the ticker thing yet or edit my profile so I'll write everything down as I've seen others do.

So far we've followed Extra Easy and our loss has been steady - I'm happy to take the slow road as long as the pounds keep falling - I'm proud of my no gain no STS record so far - hope I'm not tempting fate here!

Last week was only a 1/2llb loss but that was due to overdoing it on the wine syns - every night. Back on track this week and depending on weigh in this Thursday eve, I might try and mix it up with some Green or Red only days, as I've seen from this site that can help give you a boost.

Here's journey so far

Starting weight 12.3 stones
Week 1 - 4.5 loss
Week 2 - 2.0 loss
Week 3 - 2.0 loss
Week 4 - 1.5 loss
Week 5 - 1.5 loss
Week 6 - 1.5 loss
Week 7 - 1.5 loss
Week 8 - 0.5 loss
Week 9 - 1.5 loss

I'm going for that 1 stone sticker this week - so like primary school, but I'm loving it!

Good luck everyone and thanks so far for all your inspiring stories.

frances :)
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Is so very nearly there!
Fantastic and wishing you lots of luck! You can both do it and its so attainable and maintainable lol

Thanks for the encouragement.
Currently watching Big Brother so thought I'd write down my food diary for today :

Breakfast - Bacon and Egg and Tomato
Lunch - Fruit Salad with low fat natural yoghurt
Dinner - Salmon Fillet - new potatoes, salad, tomato advocado - I tbs Helmans Light

Drinks 2 x coffee + ss milk / diet coke / wine

Syns ? - I think mayonaisse, avocado and wine I'm useless at counting them. So maybe 2.5 for mayo - 8.5 for wine and don't know for 1/2 avocado (or less as it was all mixed in with the salad).

I'm feeling a bit hungry but its too close to bedtime for any more sabotage today.

I get a bit nervous come Wednesday as its far too late to put right any over indulgences before Thursday night weigh in.

night night

Ok so to stop myself from raiding the fridge (although there is no bad stuff in there really except manky cheese!). I went on ebay last night and bid for a lovely black silk dress by Allegra Hicks which normally retails at about £250+. It was in size 14 which is a size down as I'm currently a 16 but I thought what the hell its going for £20. Would'nt you know how lucky am I- I won it!.

I need a dress for a wedding in 2 weeks, but black is not really appropriate, so I know I didn't buy it for that. It set me thinking about targets and setting them. I've not set any so far I'm too afraid of failure, but I think that subconsiously I do want to set one - hence the dress.

The only other event I have coming up is a friends birthday/wedding anniversary at end of August - so I guess that must have been it.

My subconscious target is size 14 by mid August.

There I've said it - it's officially out there.
So I'm doing todays food as I've just had dinner and that's it for the evening - feeling v full.

Extra Easy day as usual

Fruit salad - mango banana melon strawbs
V Low Fat natural yoghurt - drizzle honey

Salmon Fillet - Salad, tom cucumber, avocado, drizzle Pizza express LF dressing

Spaghetti Carbonarra (SW recipe)

Syns - Wine x 2 glasses, avocado, Honey, PE dressing

Drinks - coffee milk (HexA (just a dash though - figure that vLow fat creme freche+ 1 tiny spoon of parmnesan would count for the rest (spag carbonarra)

Good day I think. Still rubbish about counting Syns so I'll have to say 15+. Somehow felt a bit bloated mid afternoon after lunch - maybe I just needed a little lie down - no chance!

Actually on reflection I don't think it was too good - writing all this down has made me realise that its just too many syns - which I guess was the object of the excercise here.

I also have trouble with HexB - I'm not eating bread even wholemeal at the mo as it makes me feel bloated, and the only other thing I sometimes eat is a bit of muesli - so I think I'm lacking fibre to pass it all through.

I wish I knew more about the science of food optimising - it would help me to plan better - I feel I'm half way there - anyone have any idea how it all works ?
Weigh in today and 1.5llb loss and 1 stone sticker - yeah!

Food Diary for today was rubbish, very busy day with no time to prepare, or even think about food.

Extra Easy

Breakfast - grabbed some fruit on way out

Lunch - 1/2 Coffee Frapucinno from Starbucks - it was too sweet to finish - I haven't had one of these for ages - since starting SW plan. Strange how your taste changes over the course of a few weeks.

Dinner - Picked out the meat and a small amount of sauce from M&S ready meal - Steak Diane - ate with Green Beans.

Drinks - 2 large glasses wine to celebrate Weigh in. Diet Coke/Water.

After Thursday evening weigh in its the start of a new week for me - so I've decided to really go for it this week. I'm more than happy with my losses, but I've noticed a theme of 1 1/2llb per week occurring - just wondered if that's going to be my max or if there's anything I can do to give it a boost. Joined the flabfighters July challenge on the site so let's see what happens.

Course there's always that monthly gym membership - well I only ever use the swimming pool and havent for over 3 weeks, so I'll start making more of an effort - problem is I'm so busy this week, but less sofa time and that should do the trick even if I only go once its an improvement.
Funny old day today - eldest daughter leaving secondary school. I can remember the day she started primary school so clearly - where did all that time go?

She looked stunning in her outfit, almost as though she'd grown up overnight.

Was that the reason that I just wanted to lie in bed and mope (I made the excuse to myself that I'd not slept well the night before - true). Anyway pulled myself together by the afternoon, to see all the kids leaving in their limos and various forms of transport (even included a combine harvester!). And daughter won prize for best dressed girl and one of the pain in the arse prizes from the Head!

Bacon and Egg Grill up


Lamb Kebabs + 2 x Pitta + 1 spoon Mayo/Mint Sauce. Vegetables onion, tomato, courgette, mushroom.

1 slice wholemeal scrape LF spread

Diet Coke/Coffee x 2 small splash milk
Wine x 2

Day out in town today, knew we'd eat lunch out so steered everyones thoughts around to Nandos - before the cinema so we wouldn't want the pop and popcorn - it worked! everone was so full we only drank water and no snacks for a change.

Went to watch the third twilight - elclipse with the daughters - much like the second movie I wasn't as impressed as I am with the books, but we'll be getting the DVD so time will tell.

Fruit and Yoghurt - drizzle honey (1 tbsp)

1/3 Nandos chicken
1/3 large spicy rice
1/4 large coleslaw
1 corn on the cob
Diet Coke

Still full after lunch - also tired went to bed at 10 after big brother
2 x large glasses wine could have helped!

Good news slept until 0630 which is great as I'm a bad sleeper and usually only get about 5 hours a night.

Did a big Tesco shop £100 this morning. Lots of gardening as the chickens got out and devestated the veg garden the other day. I was so upset I couldn't face it until today - lost the peas,beans,carrots, cougettes and rest of strawberries.

Banana, LF yoghurt sprinkle muesli drizzle honey


Early Dinner 5pm
Spaghetti Bolognese - cheese

2 x wine, diet coke
New week - New start - I'm going to try for 100% for the next four days until weigh in Thursday.


Leftover Pasta Bolognese

Baked Salmon + Stir Fry - Pakchoi, Baby sweetcorn, mangetout, carrot, asparagus with soy sauce, garlic and ginger.

Drinks - Coffee x 3 + milk from allowance
Diet Coke
Lipton Ice Tea (syns?)

I don't know what to spend my syns on now that I'm not drinking wine this week.

Haven't had sweeties or chocolate for the last eight weeks, same with snacks like crisps etc, and convenience foods. I've even stopped bread to try and lessen the bloating.

Somehow it seems a little wrong to snack, I've embraced healthy eating, and putting anything vaguely processed into my body at the moment just doesn't feel right.

My body is a temple - Healthy Syns anyone ?
Busy day today with lots of walking around Bath. Lovely shopping centre for anyone who hasn't tried it. Don't just stick to the new area near the station and mcdonalds(!). Carry on further up the road and go down all the side streets - there's also a new posh indoor/outdoor area just off milsom street that's fab. If you're a not on the high street shopper - Bath is great for lovely small independent shops - you won't go out and find someone else wearing the same stuff.

Bad news was I was shopping as car having its service and stuff done bill was nearly £500 - ouch.

Bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms

Nibbles from Bento Box, bit of chicken, salmon, prawn, 2 tbsp rice, vegetables. Sashimi - tuna and salmon (3 slices each) lovely.

Pasta with tomato sauce (Loyd Grossman) sprinkle parmesan

Coffee x 3
Diet Coke
What has happened today? Too early start and so only banana for brekkie - then on the road and working flat out all day - craved carbs and so my day has gone like this :


Mid morning

dry wholemeal roll
Sun dried tomatoes (2) - this was the only thing I could find as I was in the middle of nowhere.

Lunch - as above

Late afternoon - as above

Salad - lettuce, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, mixed beans, sweetcorn, avocado, Tuna - 2 tbsp LF Pizza Express dressing.

I feel bloated as if someone has pumped me up like a baloon - why oh why did I go for the rolls?

Coffee x 3

I hold no hope for weigh in tomorrow, I feel as if I've stepped backwards this week. Maybe this happens- you get all complacent and think I've got this licked and it reminds you to keep vigilent.

Any help out there?


Pea on legs!
Hi francesc - I can sympathise with you on the bread front! I'm out and about a lot for work too and when you get held up, or something hijacks your day then a sarnie is the easiest thing to get from a garage or supermarket *sigh* If I eat bread now it seems to bloat me up a lot and sabotage my loss for the week.

I've taken to carrying an apple, a banana and an alpen light with me whenever I go out (good job I only use big handbags!) At least then I've always got something to eat and can (hopefully!) avoid the sarnies - which, let's face it, don't usually even taste very good!

Good luck for your WI!

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