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Seeing Gp tomorrow

Evening all,

I have my appt for tomorrow. It isnt prodominantly for Xenical but will be squeezed in there!

Im just hoping itll be offered. Ive worked this out today and is quite scary..

I moved to scotland in 2003, by 2004 had gained 4 stone. Got to early 2006 i start a new job and lose the 4 stone. Maintain at that for a year and fall pregnant. When babys born my weight goes up 3 stone, use LL lose 1.5 stone. Put it back on, join the CD and lose 2.5 stone.

To put a long story short... 2003 i weighed 14 stone. Today i weigh 22 st 10! I've lost about 7 stone in the past few years yeat i weigh more than ever. (sorry if i rambled but this is my problem)

Lisa xx
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i think different diets suit different people. I don't think the really low calorie ones are working for you, so yes I don't think it would hurt to try (more) normal eating but with orlistat/xenical.

let us know how it goes
Thats me back from docs and have been prescribed xenical (well it says orlistat on the script, im assuming this is a medical name for it) Will be picking it up tonight or tomorrow. So excited, doc thinks it could work for me. Lets hope so.
good luck loser85 :)
Thankoo! :)
Im actually excited about this, is that normal?!
Im also tempted to keep a food diary as i think this will help. Starting tomorrow as my OH went to get my blue pills of destiny :D
See you all on the straight and slim
Lisa xx
lol good that you're excited! You should start your own diary in the diaries section. i've found writing down what i'm eating/going through really useful.

Good luck! :)
Good luck, and definitely keep a food diary. I write one up here ( its in the members only section) but I also write one at home. I've kept a food diary since I started Xenical in 2007. To start with, I recorded fat grammes, but now I record calories, mainly because almost everything I eat is less than 5% fat ( with the exception of things like baked crisps, and the odd slice of Low Low cheese)
good luck hun, i have re-startd xenical as i started then moved house so took a break.. im now more determined than ever and have a very similar tale to you.. i got to 21st5 then started judt counting calories and being more aware with ahat i ate. i got to 19lb5 then started xenecal.. with a month break im back to 19lb10 but back on xenecal and cal counting sticking to 1500 cals aday but being flexible too.. i think rater than being really strict the key is definately make it managable watch your fat intake and keep your calories low but not so low your body thinks its gonna starve! (say 1200+) youll find a way to suit you.. and im here if u ever need a chat!! nic xxx

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