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Self destruct mode - McDonalds Breakfat

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I feel like I'm on self destruct mode - I so badly want to lose weight but this morning I've already planned a trip to McDonald's drive through for breakfast on the way to work and I hate myself for it. I'm battling with myself even now, trying to talk myself out of going.

Why do I do it?! Will this urge ever go away or will I battle with it my whole life?
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I think you just have to teach yourself new habits.

Try to pre-plan all of your meals so that you take away the option of going 'off-plan' when you're hungry - it works for me. If I know what I'm having for dinner I'll happily waltz straight past every take away on the way home because I'm focused on what I've already planned to eat.

Make it as easy as possible for yourself x
S: 19st7lb C: 18st9lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st12lb(4.4%)
I think I'm starting to recognise more and more that I'm an emotional eater and when I'm having a bad morning/day/weekend, I just reach for comfort food and comfort to me isn't a bar of chocolate, it's takeaway or McDonalds breakfast.

I made it into work this morning without stopping and had my alpen light bar and a banana. I hope it's a habit I can break x


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Babsie, you did brilliantly to over ride that urge. Recognising a set of triggers, taking control of your thoughts then the action to avoid the Maccas. It all starts in the mind. leverage over thoughts around food choices , what's the better reward , your desire for weight loss or the quickie fix of [email protected] food. it might help to write your weight loss goals down, start a diary and get some support from us all on here. No reason why you can't achieve your goals, you've just got to have a strong enough reason, desire to want to do it. Plenty of help on here. Again, well done on refusing that Mc breakfast.

I used to make my own mc muffin, using a muffin and the "plastic" cheese but now adapted to using the whole meal bread from heathy extra allowance, fry light egg ( omelette) lean bacon and some low fat cheese it laughing cow light all with a dollop of 1-2 syns ketchup. A good brekkie at work if you have access to a microwave and toaster.

Good luck!
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S: 19st7lb C: 18st9lb G: 10st6lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st12lb(4.4%)
Thanks @Quins

Do you really want to know what stopped me? I'd just dropped my toddler off at her childminder and as I was driving turning my car to drive out (to go to McDonalds on my way to work), I seen one of the other mams getting her toddler out of the back of the car. She was in lovely wedges and a short little skirt, showing off her tanned legs. It made me feel so disgusted with myself.

Here I am, overweight and struggling to get my little girl out the door dressed and she was as glamorous as they come. I'm not saying I want to be skinny, but I want to be slimmer. I popped into Sainsburys this morning for breakfast (I'd booked a day off to have some 'me' time) but I was good and ordered an omelette with extra mushrooms and a side of beans and a black coffee. Felt so much better for it!


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Top effort again Babsie, your on it.
That's a strong statement to say about yourself, but it certainly made you change your actions. Set some stage targets and a little rewards for yourself, get that wardrobe going?You'll be getting them wedges and your legs tanned. Go glam Babsie.
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Hi Babsie,

I am exactly the same as you and struggle with the self control when I'm having a bad time. I look to food for comfort.

I think everything the other posters have said is completely right - you have to commit to pre planning. I'm really bad for savory stuff and love a Mc Donalds breakfast myself... so like Quins, I make my own version and add a few syn-light sausages as well. If you can pre-empt what might be triggering you to go for the unhealthy stuff, you can make sure you have something ready to grab when you need a bit of comfort.

I can see this post was a while ago, how are you getting on? Feeling better?


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You done fantastic to override those urges. It is so so hard once the urge is there to overcome it. My emotional crutch is anything with sugar in and it is a daily battle to say no, especially when the kids want some chocolate etc. I've started buying single bars and smaller packets to try and limit the amount of sweet food in the house and not punish myself if I do end up eating sugar.
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You did really well to fight the urge. I had a moment yesterday when the kids were pulling at me and the baby was crying, I just wanted to say f it, I'm having a bottle of wine.
I'm an emotional eater too and have been for a long time. It's going to take time to reprogramme ourselves but you have to give yourself a chance. You are off to a flying start.

What I will say is, when you get that craving, ask yourself do you really want that egg mcmuffin? Is it truly delicious? Will you feel good after eating it? Will you feel guilty and sad after? Is it worth it?

Sometimes the answer will be yes and that's ok! But I think a lot of the times it will be no. When you are going to go off plan make sure it's worth it, that you will be able to enjoy it guilt free and then get back on track. Don't have a quick, dirty ,cheap off track experience.

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