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Self Destruct:(

G: 10st0lb
Ok I am in a total downward spiral and its getting way outta hand :(

Started on Saturday, cos it was mid term took my 2 boys and the OH out for the day. Made a lovely SW picnic and stuck with it. . . until about 6pm that evening we were all starving and decided to call into a restaurant where I did not choose well.

Sunday was great all day at least 80% on EE

Monday I felt under the weather and did not go to my weigh in cos I felt so bad. . .(first class I've missed from joing 6 weeks ago) however I managed to eat lovely tea and toast (not H/E, just lovely white toasted bread)

Tuesday was even worse took everyone to the zoo and had a pizza hut for tea though I did only have 2 slices.

Wednesday faired no better had chips :(

So today . . . started brilliantly, thats me back on the plan . . . until while making the dinner the lovely SW chips I had in the oven fell onto the floor cos I was rushing so much. Phoned OH told him to just bring home chips for the steak and chips SW style that I had planned. . . and then he brought home a swiss roll filled with lemon jam, cream and chocolate, along with the chips. Of course I had a piece of that plus tea and toast!!!!! I have gone mad!!!!

Please just let me wake up tomorrow and get back on track otherwise I don't think I will be able to get out of this spiral and that is really the last thing I want. I really need for this to be my year, the year I reach the weight I've always wanted to be :(
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i have been off the rails this week - you just need to think of all the reasons you want to lose weight - and you should be able to wake up - motivated!!!!

easier said than done i know....xxx good luck, ive been there this week so know what you mean! xxx


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I can only advise what has always worked for me. I ask myself do I want fat food and stay FAT, or eat good food and get SLIM!
You can't have both....
It is so in my brain now, that I had a packet of Quavers on Monday, and though I can syn them, I have given up all forms of crisps since rejoining SW, I did not enjoy them and felt awful as, to me it was a waste of syns.
I went mad last week and had a huge binge in one night so i can sympathise with you, Like Sonia said though eating fat food will only make you feel fat and when you eat healthy food you will be slim. If you are happier when you eat well and lose weight then you should be fine, remember why you're doing it and how it makes you feel. Being happy is the most important thing, do what makes YOU happy :).
G: 10st0lb
Thank you all for your kind words, really need a kick in the backside. But like I said I WILL wake in the morning with a new resolve and will face my Monday night weigh in no matter what! :)
Aww hun - its vile isnt it? Real torture when you're beating yourself up and feeling like a failure. Try breaking your day down into smaller parts and then consider each part that you successfully get through as an achievement in itself. Just concern yourself with the moment you're in and forget whats gone before - you can't change it or un-eat it you can only make this moment a better one. Be proud of everything you do and the fact that you're fighting this. I very often think that if we gave ourselves as much praise for what we do well as we do criticism for what we mess up, we'd all be happier people!! You can do it - success is yours for the taking if you give yourself a break! xxxx


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It sounds to me like you've just been out of your 'routine', being half term and everything!! Look at it like this:- You've had fun and enjoyed your week, spending it with your family! A few bad days foodwise can EASILY be reversed! It's only a few days in the grand scheme of things and it's only February so this year can still be your year!! You have already said how much you want this for yourself so you really do have to give yourself that ultimatum! Look in the mirror and look yourself straight in the eye and ask if you want to be fat or slim!! Once you have that 100% day you'll be back in 'The Zone'!! Why don't you sit down for just 1/2 hour with some recipe books or the SW magazine and write down some ideas for meals for the next few days, then make sure you get all the ingredients in! Planning ahead and being organised is the key! Good luck, I'm confident you can pull it back because like me, you're so determined to do this!!X
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I went off the rails last week, I had a STS which I considered myself blessed with! However this week im going to TGI's sat night so i feel like im gna just get another STS next week!! Everyone has bad weeks, we wouldnt be human if we didnt...and I want SW to become a lifestyle for me, and I know thats going to come with a few gians/STS as well as losses!! even slim people fluctuate!!

So if you have a bad week dont worry about it and just jump back on the wagon next week! xxx
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Wow, we've literally all been there! :banghead:

My only advice is to draw a line under it and start afresh in the morning. My self-destruct pattern has always been going off the rails for a day, then deciding that I might as well right off the weekend as well. :( Before I know it, I decide that I may as well write off the whole week and start again next week. By the next week I've piled the lb's back on and felt so low that I've given up entirely. :cry:

You've had once bad day, accept that and don't let it spiral into a bad week/weekend/month etc... :grouphugg:


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So much good advise from the people!!

Hoping that you feel better this morning, and ready to step back on the waggon.

Can I just ask you to reread your original post, and look for all the ways that you did well. EG. You went for pizza, and had 2 slices. What would you have had a couple of months ago?

I also think it's easy to think that once you've messed up one meal, that the whole day is blown and just binge. I struggle with this to, and have to really watch myself for this happening. One lady said "if you had a bunch of flowers, would you chuck out the whole bunch because one had wilted?" Of course not - you'd just chuck out the one! Try to do the same with your meals. Just because one meal has gone wrong, don't let it ruin your eating for the rest of the day or week.

Remember to, that your consultant is there at the end of the phone for crisis weeks like this. Speaking to them might stop things getting worse, but will also make walking back into class with your potential gain that much easier.

Good luck for your fresh start today!!

Beccy x
G: 10st0lb
Honestly you lot are all brilliant. Thanks again for all your kind words :)

Today was grand so far so hopefully that is the line drawn and start again.

Good luck everyone for the week ahead :)


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S: 10st4lb C: 10st4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Glad you're feeling a bit more in control. Hope the weekend works out as planned for you x

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