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Self Destruct!!


Does anyone else feel like that have a self destruct button when it comes to weight loss?

I've only been on the tablets for a week and I have been pretty naughty with still weighing myself every day (day and night). Well the first 4 to 5 days I seemed to have lost about 6lbs and with it coming off every day. Now with my official weigh in looming on Wednesday morning I just can't seem to stop eating!!

They are still choices within my low GI diet but then when I look at the fat content then they don't fit into the Xenital plan! Plus it's oatcakes and or soya and linseed bread which is far more carb than I've eaten in a long time.

Well needless to say my scales are now going the wrong way and I feel like my mind and body are working against me and setting me up to fail when all I really wanted to do was get on those scales and hear the doctor say "well done Clare you've lost 9lbs"!!!!!

Sorry, just wanted to get that off my chest, i'll be better tomorrow.

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I put 2lbs bak on today after losing 9 in5 days, was gutted. I just keep thinking of the end result. And that in just over a week ill be enjoying a nice christmas dinner xx
yes, i do the same, i did so well all last week apart from when it got to friday and i was so bored at the weekend i just had a binge and ended up losing only 1lb! mind over matter hun, remember nothing tastes as good as being slim.... good luck!! xxx
Thanks for all the responses.

I know how good I'll feel when I've stuck to it but I guess being single and living on my own I tend to get bored and also look at food for comfort, which is why I seem to find it easier to stick to in the week when I'm at work and have people supporting me, and of course, being busy working!

I've been better today though and the scales are going back downwards so fingers crossed I'll get a good result at the docs tomorrow.

im single too and i know what you mean it can get boring and then ur bored u look for food, do u live in a flat or house? just wondering because i live on 2nd floor apartment and when i feel the urge to eat when bored etc i put my ipod on and run up and down the stairs for 5 minutes, that soon puts my picking at bay and you burn average of about 80 cals per 5 minutes of constant jogging depending on your weight an height. just a thought. good luck on your loss xx
Hi Lyns

I live in a 2nd floor flat (or is it first floor?) . My flat is kind of like a maisonette in as much as it's only a ground floor flat and then me on top (does that make sense?)

I would run up and down the stairs but they are above my neighbours living room so I don't think she'd be too happy with me thumping up and down them too much.

I have ordered the 30 shred dvd everyone has mentioned on here so i guess star jumps over her head will not be too welcome either!

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