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So, I've had a bad couple of weeks. Been out to dinner twice and that seems to have resulted in a kind of 'well I'm not going to lose anyway, so why bother' attitude?!
Normally if I over indulge I up my body magic as a way to compensate but I've barely done any exercise since completing the Moonwalk marathon on 14th May!
My other half has been working away since then & a serious amount of comfort eating has gone on!!
I'm so disappointed in myself and really want to get back on track. Facing WI on Thursday when I know I'll probably have gained the 7lbs I've lost so far, but need to face the music sometime.
Have got loads of SW friendly food in and re-started a food diary this morning to try to help.
Just needed to get that off my chest! No need to comment! :)
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Everybody has 'off' weeks, where they overindulge or 'blow out'. I know I've done it plenty of times along my journey. The main thing is that you've picked yourself up and dusted yourself off and are ready to get back on the wagon. That deserves praise in itself, because it's too easy for us, as slimmers, to say "Well I've gained it back, so what's the point?". And TBH you don't know how much, if any you have gained. Praise is also due for the fact that you are going to weigh in, even though you think you may have gained. Don't be too hard on yourself, just get back on plan, and stick to it. xx


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Totally agree.....I had a really bad week a few weeks back and gained 5lbs.......I had one night out and like you had the attitude I wasn't going to lose anyway so had wine, choc, cheese and chips, Indian takeaway etc over the week!!
The good thing is you've recognised you did it and can now get back on track. There's no point in beating yourself up over it...you've done it now and perhaps you just needed to do it in order to make you stick to SW better in the future.
I def find avoiding group just makes me continue in my bad habits so well done on going to WI.....at least you will then know what the damage is and can work on it.
I find planning helps me massively if I know what I'm going to eat then I don't dwell on it.
Good luck for the week ahead!!


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I agree too. But you know what you have to do. You need your mojo back. Just think how you feel when you get on those scales and you have lost, remember how europhic you feel.
Hopefully you are back on track now.
Good luck hun xx
Thanks ladies. I am delighted to report day 1 back on track has gone well!
On my way home I was seriously considering ordering a Dominoes pizza (even stopped at cashpoint!), BUT I got home & basically gave myself a proper talking to and had.....prawn stir fry instead! :D
Having strawberries, blueberries & Cadbury l/f choc mousse (3.5 syns) for pudding as I'm treating this as a fresh start and not going to even try & compensate for the syns I've eaten over last 10days?!
Onwards & downwards!! :)


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Well done you!! That sounds like a fab fresh start...I lurve cad l/f mousses - great for a choc fix and you feel like you are being naughty but you know you are being good!!

Good luck for the rest of the week - just remember how strong you were ignoring the dominoes and I'm sure you'll be focused for the rest of the week and inline for a fab weight loss!


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well done busywoman, back on track :)

I should follow your lead and get back onto it. Need to plan some meals for next week :)

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