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Self - destruction!

I had been doing SW for a few weeks and had lost 5 lbs, i was pleased to have lost a few pounds and could see the loss in my clothes and the shape of my stomach, even my partner remarked on it.

Even so I was still gutted to have only lost that amount in the few weeks, as other people seem to be able to lose that in 1 week, however i kept telling myself that i will lose slowly as i have less than 2 stone to lose.

Last week i went awol and ditched SW completely, i need to get back on track before i put the 5 lbs back on (if i haven't already). It's TOTM so i'm not weighing myself, or do you think i should to get an idea of the damage i have done?

Sorry for the long post but i need some advice, encouragement, what should my plan of action be?
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try the sucess express, when is your weigh in... dont be upset if you have gained at weigh in its not fatal it can soon come back off plus more hehe... keep positive :D

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
keep positive, i have never lost more than 4lb in one go and i think that was a fluke. your body isnt the same as anyone else’s cos your unique but this means you cant judge your weight loss on what others have done. You have lost 5lb’s , that’s a great achievement, would you have lost that without SW? you feel down cos you think you may have put it back on, so in the back of your mind you must know it’s a great achievement in itself as you don’t want the weight back.

Don’t be hard on yourself your still learning to control your cravings and your body is still learning that the food its getting now is the right food. You will get your 2stone and you will feel sooooo proud. Its worth the downs just to get the highs.

Good luck



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Never never NEVER measure your losses against others. Yes I would get an idea of the damage so you can draw a line under it and get working on losing it all
Thanks guys, i do realise 5 lbs is good, but at the same time i am inpatient and think at this rate it will take forever to lose the full 2 stone!

I know i shouldn't gage my loses against others but it is so hard not to do it sometimes! That was the whole reason i joined SW, because a couple of friends have lost over 2 stone on it. I saw how well they have done, and thought it might work for me!
at the most 2 stone might take 6 months thats an average 1 pound a week and so either way it will be off a pound a week keeps the fat weak :D sorry im giddy :p

monkeys bunny

need 2get my head into it
i do know how you feel Pink, iv never managed to looses 2 stone i got to 1 and half and set my target with hope of having a little money rest and then re setting it later, then i went on holiday and put on half a stone and have been batteling to get it off since June.

its not a quick fix, it is annoying something, but with our help and your determination you will get there


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You will this problem is more common than you think.. I have gone into self destruct mode a few times and I only started end of April.. sometimes if it is really bad allow yourself a day or two off plan and then go back to it full on.. I have and found that I was able to limit the damage.. also maybe you need to look at what you are eating.. maybe you are allowing yourself to be bored or uninspired.. Averaging a pound a week is a good way as the likely hood is that it will stay off.. like most quick fixes it wouldnt last.


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I have been at SW for 4 years now and I have been through exactly the same plenty of times. It is almost a rite of passage but it will only make us stronger and more determined at the end of it. The more trials you face on your journey the more you will work to keep it off at the end x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
why don't you set yourself little food challenges. still use your allowances, but try replacing a few ingrediants in meals with superspeed foods or try 3 days on success express and see how much you lose that week.

at the start i was getting annoyed whenever i lost 1lb. i need to lose at least 6 stone, so i started doing a few days success express...and it works. i think i was filling up too much on pasta and potatoes. now i have a lot more variety.


rainbows holiday buddy :)

take a look at the link above.

you basically divide your plate into 3rds and 2 3rds has to be free foods on both days - so fruit, most veg, quorn mince/sausages, eggs, etc. then 1 3rd of your plate should consist of free foods on a green or a red day or both (for example 1 3rd of your plate could be baked beans (green) or bacon (red) or beans and bacon (red and green))

i don't make much sense, but the link above explains it better. i would advise if you are going to try it, then plan your menu beforehand, as it can get complicated!

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