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Self Sabotage??!! What's it about??

Just checking in to see if anyone has experienced this..... have been on CD for about a month and apart from a few bad days - have been loving it.

Now I am at my 'safe' weight - you know that weight that you don't want to go over etc etc, and this weekend I have completely sabotaged myself - bacon sandwiches, Chinese Food, Choc Ices, Wine..... what's with that??

Please help me to get back on track and get my motivation back for starting again tomorrow.... any and all encouragement much, much appreciated!! :sigh:
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Bless ya, I know where you are coming from. Why can food seem both the enemy and friend/comforter? I cant explain why we do what we do-you are certainly not on your own-but at least tomorrow is Monday so you can put the weekend behind you and start afresh with the new week. Don't be too hard on yourself, look at how much weight you have lost already. Post how you get on tomorrow :) x
Thanks Sleepybird, really appreciate your post, and the pic of your cat!! Will let you know how I get on tomorrow!
Hi hun, bit of tough love coming.............sorry in advance!

You are still not where you want to be, you are enjoying where you are at the moment, but this is not the time to lose sight of your goals! Its a very hard diet, but worth it in the end. Draw a line under your indescretions and get back on the wagon tomorrow, you are soooooo close to your final goal, it would be a shame to cock it up all now. Hope you aren't offended by my post, I am just trying to help x
Hiya Cheryl, I absolutely agree with you.... it's just I was so fired up and loving the compliments etc I'm just really p****d off at myself for doing this - it really was complete sabotage!! Can't blame anyone but myself, and wanted to kinda put it out there in the hope that I'd get some posts back both encouraging me to keep going and also giving me a kick up the backside, and stop feeling sorry for myself and getting back in control of this again!


I can do this.
Hi, I think most of us have fell off the wagon at some point, the thing is... try to recognise the trigger and avoid making the same mistake again. Try to keep buisy and keep ur mind away from food. Good luck.
dont dwell on it hunny otherwise its going to be much worse! I think we all find a time in our lives that we are comfortable with and then for some unknown reason we just try to kill it, its our minds playing tricks on us. So dnt let it worry ya, climb back on and we are all here to support ya, it would be a shame to throw it all away now after your hard work, take care

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
((hugs)) sound advice ^^ so will just say well done for moving forward and look forward to reading your progress soon. :)
Feeling better, have had 2 shakes, one chicken breast and will have my last shake before bed..... not drunk enough water for today... but feeling like I'm starting to get back in control again! Thanks to everyone for your encouragement - much appreciated!!
i totally understand, i self sabotage on a regular basis, usually the day before or the day of my weigh in.. even when i know i have lost weight... im trying to work myself out with CBT.. i think im a comforter, reward eater or just greedy :) im no where near my target and i do this it drives me insane cause i get so so angry with myself when im doing it.. i know its a waste of money time etc when i do this.. its so strange cause i try on my new clothes or old old ones i havent gotten into for years and im so happy and proud of myself then i go down stairs and eat rubbish.. rubbish i dont even want.. i dont feel better after it at all either.
your so close to your target so good luck with it. you can do it xxxxx and well done xxxxxx


is going to loose!
Agreed to much and all of the above in terms of self sabotage. I have been very focused all week and yesterday I ate only a small amount extra of what I'm allowed and I gained 300gm which took my loss to 1.7kg instead of the 2kg I had the day before!!!

However what keeps me in focus is the feeling of thiness in my tummy at the end of the day about 1 hour or so before bed. I feel good about my body because I'm not full or uncomfortable. I have only just realised and taken notice of this physical feeling and I'm aiming to try to for this at the end of every day. So when I feel that feeling I feel proud and determined. Usually in the morning I have lost when I have this feeling.

Tomorrow is my day before my official CDC WI and dont want to ruin it!

Hi there, i can completely understand your problem here, i do this too.

Its trying to get back the focus you had at the start that's hard, Like Cheryl said, we're not there yet so need to push ourselves past this phase (thanks Cheryl)..

I guess we're all in the same boat, Good luck today!! Simone x
Thank you all!! just PM'ed my CDC (Wonderful Debz) to say that I think I'm mentally back online again - weird couple of weeks - but really feel like I'm back in the right mindset again! Thank you all for the support! It's brilliant to know that I'm not the only one feeling this - here's hoping I'm soon into the 11st range - think it's about 8-10 years since then!!

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