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self sabotaging!


Yummy Mummy! xx
Who else does it??

I promised myself monday was gonna be my 'freash start' but today i have been a complete pig - 2 x cereal. chicken tikka sandwich, choccie biscuits etc etc!

Why do we do it?? Feel rubbish and bloated now, like Ive completley let everyone down! xxx
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Yep -start out with good intentions and end up a fat bloated piglet!!!Still draw a line under it. I find if I dwell on it I start REALLY PIGGING OUT.Forget it and move on. Sending you hugs to smother the bad feeling and block the mouth so no more can get in.
yeah i'm always so tempted to eat more than syns allow. i save my syns till the end of the day so i can sit and enjoy them when my little girl has gone to sleep. like tonight. i have a packet of 5 syn crisps and 5 syn chocolate bar. and then i want more! but i just have to tell myself i'm doing this slimming thing for a reason. so i had an apple instead and told someone about it! :)


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i am having a day like that today. i am out this weekend so have resigned myself that i won't lose, so i seem to be on a mission to prove that! i've had a bag of mini cheddars, a big fruit salad, some Morrisons low fat crisps and a two finger twix so far!!! HELP!


Slowly Getting There ....
I agree with louisedan.. draw a line under it... otherwise you could upset yourself more and then want more to cheer yourself up... etc...

Saving syns til later on when the kids are in bed seems like such a good idea bexshaw... but I go to bed before they do as not feeling so well at the moment

missgalaxy> you haven't let anyone down, you're just human and we all screw up sometimes (I do it all the time!! lol..) What counts is getting back on that horse and thinking ok, I screwed up, but I'm not going to let it spoil things!

*** hugs ***



Slowly Getting There ....
i am having a day like that today. i am out this weekend so have resigned myself that i won't lose, so i seem to be on a mission to prove that! i've had a bag of mini cheddars, a big fruit salad, some Morrisons low fat crisps and a two finger twix so far!!! HELP!
Oh noes! Step away from the Twix!!! :eek:

Maybe make so much fruit salad that it will completely fill you up and you can't eat anything else?

I don't know whether that's allowed, as although it's free food I'm sure the fruit sugars may make you crave 'bad' stuff? Is what I've heard anyway

Is it nice where you are? Maybe go for a walk? Bag up all the bad stuff in the house and give it to a neighbour to look after? Unless they eat it all? lol



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too late! hahaha! ok, thats it, line drawn, i am back on the wagon!


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I am having these evil thoughts right now- we have friends coming for dinner tomorrow & the alcohol will be the thing that does it so I am thinking sod it have a bar of choccie (and it is totm too). Instead I am eating an apple but it isn't working really...I am still thinking of minstrels or mini eggs or my buttons easter egg which is still in the freezer waiting for me.....


Slowly Getting There ....
Just think of it this way...

...virtuous til Any Big Evening means that whatever hit you take on the actual evening will have less impact weightloss wise?

Plus eating well then pigging out on one day I think actually makes it less likely you'll put on weight or STS? ... if you eat like that over a few days your body will get used to the extra calories and you put weight on.. I think blips don't matter so much as your body seems to overlook a lot of it

Apparently Beyonce eats what she wants one day a week and is super great the other 6.. although I bet 'what she wants' isn't a tub of Ben and Jerry's a supersize McDonalds meal and a 1kg bar of chocolate


Same as you Julie19 I am forcing strawberries down while thinking of a kitkat ... lol help xxx
I do this too. A lot of the time I think it is because I am "stuffing down my emotions" - keeping those bad feelings in, by shoving food down my throat.

I don't like arguments, or upset; sometimes I don't want to cry (and upset other people, like my son or my b/f) - those are the times that I eat fattening "comfort" food. I know when I'm doing this, because I eat faster than normal, yet often I'm not even hungry.

Knowing what I'm doing (and what triggers it) can help... But using food, as a "refuge" from feeling down, still comes to mind when I am angry, or sad.
Fat Fu*king Fat

Effing Fat is what I feel today and I am just so sick of it. Wish that I could be 'normal' and not want junk food all the time but I just can't help it and then when I deny myself it is all I can think about - getting me really down. I have tried every diet under the sun and they do work but can't bloody stick to them! I have joined, left and re-joined Slimming World and Weight Watchers so many times - I dread to think how much money I've wasted. Can't talk to friends, family or boyfriend about it because I've been determined so many times and then given up. Is it really possible to stick with it and lose weight and be happy or am I destined to be fat forever? If so I would rather just give up now - but then I hate what I see in the mirror. It just makes me want to go to bed and stay there.:cry:
Star* cheer up hun, I know how u feel I spent the whole of last easter in on on my own because I was I felt to fat to go out but i swore it would be the last one , I dont like full length mirrors either but I bet you see your self worse than what you are ...we are roughly same weight and also have same final goal,... be positive hun fresh start and all that stop punishing yourself ( ark at me ) .... I am actually feeling for the first time in my life that I can and will lose weight, I see you are doing weight watchers ... do they have the no point plan or corn plan ? Just been searching for the books for you think its discover .. try and fill up on veg,meat,pasta,salads, and then treat your self at the end of the day, I just had my guilt free kit kat although I was looking for stuff so ate quick damo I didnt savor the taste. I am learning to cook healthly from scratch and making my own dips etc .. are you doing that ? I am also not thinking diet , I am think life style change .. it can be done there are so many people on here who have done it, who are doing it , ... sending hugs ps I see u have lost weight so well done and loads of luck xxx

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