sell it to me pleeeeease


Lets weigh up the options..(pun intended)

You can continue to "falter" whether that means eating a meal or whatever, the meal will be nice, filling, comforting, pleasing, tasty and all things a good meal is.. LOVELY, sounds good doesnt it? YUM, You will feel good YES, satisfied and full with a great aftertaste in your mouth of that meal.What a lovely meal.

BUT after that taste has worn off, after the tummy had stopped feeling full, What then? You feel bad, you feel overweight still, you feel maybe that somehow you have failed yourself? You feel lost and not on the right path, and mainly you feel WHY? Yes that meal was good, but was the 20min or hour of feeling good and pleasure worth it? Was the food and full feeling worth failure?

Surely a better option would be to get a far more better feeling and long term greatness by NOT having that meal, NOT faltering, and sticking 100% to your plan and your goal. Just think how damn great your going to feel down the line, just think what people will say, the clothes you can wear, the way you can walk down the street head held high thinking "i was in control, i changed my life, i feel great"

Still want that lovely tasty meal ?
i have been on cd for a while now but need some motivation please to get going again as i have started to falter. coming on here is a great help but now i need a big big push please.
if you had to convince me y i should do cd how would you do it?
a prize to the winner!!!!!!
thanks in anticipation

Well, what do you want?

I would go and look at the inspirational photos and see how well others have done and then ask yourself does anything really taste as good as being slim and healthy and not to spend yet another New Years Eve making resolution that this is the year you will lose the weight!!!

We all get fed up along the way, this is natural especially when you have loads to lose but I am sure if you have already lost some weight you can now feel some of the benefits?

Love Mini xxx