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Can anyone tell me a supermarket that sells it?

Strictly speaking you should be able to buy it any any supermarket. It's a basic storecupboard ingredient.

should be with rice and grains aisle.

If you go to you can browse the supermarkets and see exactly what kind of packet you need to look for.

Best of luck. I love semolina :cool:


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sainsburys do it! Its opposite my Food To Go counter! :D and yes, its on the rice aisle xxx


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Thanks both! I've looked on and it does show tesco as selling it but when I try to put it in my online shopper it only offers me the ready made stuff.

I'll take a trot down the rice aisle and have a look in person next shopping trip.


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Sainsburys definintely sell it, its with the savoury rices though not the pudding rices (why I don't know)!! If you can't find any I will pick some up for you and post it off, no problem.