Sending positive vibes for you Pam


Minimins gal x
Hi,well as u must of read Pam AKA Lady in London has an app this week with her consultant to see if he will give her permission to do LT.
I know this is sooooo important to Pam,so i just wanted to wish Pam good luck for the app and Pam we are all here supporting u and hoping and praying for the consultant to say yes:).
Looking forward to hearing from you xxx
Sending good vibes and prayers that Pam will get the go seems like ages since she first went to see about it.

Fingers crossed for you Pam:D

Love Mini xxx
Thinking of you Pam - hope it all goes the way you want it to! :)
Wow, what a fantastic response. Thanks Roch for posting your good wishes, and thanks to all of you for wishing me well. It's been since mid-August when I first found out about LT, a long time, a time when I have highs and lows and loads of anxiety about this, as I really think that no solid food is the only way I can go. Plus the vlcd route is quick - and I need something quicker than just a 1 or 2 lb loss per week. Thanks so much again, and my appointment with the hospital is at 4pm tomorrow. I will post the result tomorrow evening.
With love and best wishes,
Pam xx
Hoping for the best for you Pam

If ever you get the go-ahead, I believe you are going to be amazing!

Marylyn x
Pam I have my fingers crossed that you have found the way forward for you ;)
Very best of luck to you LIL. All my toes crossed.

Even my fingers ajksld;f jakd;lfajdfas :D
Yes, all systems go. Full details will be put on my blog which I will post the details of on here when I have told Pierce. I need to have a fasting blood test tomorrow morning at the Hospital, and then I collect the Lipotrim this Saturday.
I may start a thread just for me on this LT board another time, but I have loads to do tonight! A 30 minute journey home took me 2 hours - problems with buses because of water board leak locally. So am shattered at mo, but so happy. Thanks so much for all your wishes - they really helped.
I am going to give Pierce details of my blog now.
Pam xx
Well done Pam.

You researched everything so well and went armed with all the information they needed.

Good luck for your blood tests tomorrow.

Ahhhhh Lil,
I'm chuffed to bits for you...

Look forward to reading your blog and seeing you shrinking :p
I must admit I get totally chuffed when the med profession get involved properly. VLCD'c can really help people with Diabetes, low blood sugar and blood pressure issues.

We must all work closely with the GP's and so much can be achieved.

I am so pleased for you Pam. Remember you can always contact me even on Lipotrim as if I can give you help and advice I will.