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S: 11st4lb G: 8st4lb
wow its going to be some poo when it does come out! :D lol

sorry i cant help - you seem to be doing everything correct - when is your next weigh in - maybe you should call your chemist if you arent planning to see them in the next day or so...

hope ur ok anyway
Tuesday Julz - I think I can wait 'til then - I am a bit afraid to stray far from the house!!! I am in work tomorrow - so I will make sure I am near the disabled toilet (it's the only one with any privacy)


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Hi hun. I haven't tried Senakot, i use Dulcolax on recommendation from a few people on here! You take them at night cos they take between 6 and 12 hours to kick in, but once they do you know about it! Bloody great! Worth a try if Senakot aren't doing anything for you xx
I was in the same boat last week Julie - I've been adding fibre clear and someone said she was taking 4 sonokots every 1/2 days so i took 2 senokot max strengths on friday night and was finally able to go yesterday. I've decided i'll be taking a couple of senokot max strengths every couple of days in addition to the fibre clear. If that doesnt work try taking a dulcolax pearl when you're not going in to work and it should do the trick.
Dulcolax are far better in my opinion I took 2 once and I thought I was going to implode, just do 1 to start with before bed then its a early call in the morning
def ducolax I like gaz took two before bed cause I get constipation anyway and was terrified of getting it again on lipo.I wokw up at 5am bent over and lost about 4lbsin the loo.Sorry for graphic images!!!Ducolax is so mch better than senokot if you're a bunge up kinda girl.good luck babe!!


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I tried senokot last night and now cant stay off the loo nearly caught short at hobbycraft, that would of been messy !
Dulcolax it is then....My manager is in Sunderland (Remote Management) so it doesn't really matter if I go awol for a while in work - it's just a bit embarrassing if you are seen going into the disabled loo - as everyone knows why you are going in there!!!!

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