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Sense of smell & taste affected......

I cant seem to find any threads or posts on here where other people have had their sense of smell or taste affected by CD but I am only on day 3 and already the smell of some normal food is turning my stomach???
Anyone else had the same?:newbie:

Lydia x
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I find my sense of smell and taste is a lot sharper than it was, and I can smell food and drink a lot more than I used to, for example its someone birthday in the office so they put a load of pasties in the kitchen, and even though my office is over the other side of the building I smelt them long before I got the e-mail!

When I went into the kitchen for some water, I could smell them even more powerfully, and surprisingly (as I love pasties), whilst I enjoyed the smell, the thought of eating one didn't thrill me, in fact it turned my stomach a bit.
Its not so much the smell of food that is turning my stomach but the small of it on other peoples breath!!! Garlic never used to bother me probably cos I was eating it too. Now....... yuck. I even have to keep my poor kids at arms length. At the beginning of this diet I woke up in the middle of the night and the smell in the room was dreadful. I had to rub some germolene into my hands..... it was the first thing I could find in the bathroom cupboard...... so that I had something else to smell!!
Thanks for the reply Sack the Juggler!
I was washing up last night from families dinner and one had had Ravioli which I normally love but honestly the smell was making me want to gag! and I totally agree about being able to smell a mile off! (not sure how new that is to me though cos I am now thinking thats why I got fat in the first place because I could smell what other people had and that started the dreaded cravings! Which I always gave in to!!!) x


Serena's title didn't fit
My sense of smell is a lot sharper and things taste very different! I guess that's what CD does to you.

Food didn't make me feel sickish though.. hope that passes for you hon xxx
Thankfully havent encountered the dreaded garlic whiff yet! I am sure it wont be long tho!! :)


Serena's title didn't fit
Thankfully havent encountered the dreaded garlic whiff yet! I am sure it wont be long tho!! :)
Uhoh.... evil garlic cloves. :eek:

I think it'll pass, you'll notice less but you'll still smell it.. the sickness will pass.
I am so glad the sickness will pass! You have given me hope now!
Ta very much!
Hey Lostris!
Thanks for your replies.........just read that you have hit your goal....well done you must feel fantastic :) I have very much admiration for you sticking to it x
I have a super-sensitive sense of smell on a normal day, but I've noticed that since I started CD that I'm smelling things even more than before, and that my sense of taste is changing as well.
I def think sense of taste changing, as in first week some of soups n shakes had a funny aftertaste but now they are scrummy! x
Yeah I am getting the funny aftertaste too, i am glad to hear it goes though after a while!

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