Sensible Decision

So.... Yesterday I took delivery of my treadmill....

and learnt a valuable lesson...

There is no way on this diet that you should overdo it! I know that Icemoose had warned of not overdoing exercise... and I took hede of that advice.

So it was knackering getting the treadmill upstairs in the first place... It weighed as much as me :eek: Then, my partner and I fought to get the thing put together... Then, I decided to calibrate my ipod and nike sensor to make sure it measures my distances I run correctly. So in all I did 800 metres walking quickly and 250 metres running.

Later in the evening I realised I was feeling really really exhausted... I had overdone it! I did not want to eat... but I felt that another sachet of food would not replace the engergy used... I needed real food... as I was feeling quite sick! I wrestled with myself... I was soooo close to AAM Week... and didn't want to eat and break the food ban. So... after much crying (tired and emotional) and wrestling with myself... between my partner and I, we decided I should eat something.

So I had chicken breast with a little raw onion, cucumber and lettuce (I thought this would be similar to AAM Plan)

I did not really enjoy the food... but I felt so much better for having eaten (didn't feel so sick and exhausted)

Today... I am not feeling guilty from eating. But I felt it was important to acknowledge a confession.

I also wanted to see if I made the right choice? I thought there was no point making myself ill over the diet! and I didn't think... oooh I need to eat... lets have a pizza!?

Just wanted ur feedback!


Things are back to normal today... and I have decided to give the treadmill a miss for a few months... or take it very easy and not overdo it!
Hi BBFM - just draw a line under it hun - it's done and you can't 'uneat' it !!

Know what you mean about the treadmill - I have one as well but have been too scared to use it (used to do about 45mins EVERY day :eek: ) - I've just been doing very light walking (not on t/mill) and generally tring to move about more 'stead of sitting on my bum !!!

hope you're feeling better today....and think you've made the right decision to stay off the t/mill for the time being :D

take care.....
Well, it does sound like you thoroughly thought this through, so don't beat yourself up over it. You ate because your body told you to and you didn't eat "food for foods sake". You're straight back on course and rearing to go. Just take it easy on the exercise front, know your limits and work well within them.. I have started doing low cardio work on my girlfriends lateral thigh trainer (I can't believe we were sucked in by late night infomercials!!!!). I'm fortunate though as I use the video that came with it and thankfully it only lasts for half an hour. Any longer than that and I think I'd be on a plane over to America to smack Brenda Dygraf in the mouth.. If she tells me to squeeze those muscles one more time..... hehehehehe!

Good luck and congrats on your weight lose so far. I notice we're both approx on the same stage of our CD journey!
You've got the right idea - gentle exercise is best while you're on a VLCD. As for your choice of food, it was a good one, and you WERE right to eat. Your body needs extra fuel if it's going to do high intensity exercise e.g. running and although some people do go running while following a VLCD it can be counterproductive because your body can end up using muscle for fuel, which is the exact opposite of the effect you want exercise to have!

I'd definitely advise using the treadmill, mind, but only for short periods and on a low setting. No running, and no incline. You can build up gradually to an incline once your body is more used to it :)
i use my tread mill for 30 mins a day just power walking just to get a light sweat on

(i think id come through the ceiling if i pounded on it)
Hi hun,

It means that when u over-exert urself, ur body cant burn fat quick enough so instead it resorts to burning muscle to give u the energy u need inorder to do what u're doing.
The best thing is to do moderate exercise, drink loads of water whilst exercising to replace lost fluids and listen to ur body - afterall what works for one person won't for another.

Much love, chelle xx
can someone pleeeeeeease clarify about this using muscle for fuel stuff......I don't get how it would use muscle rather than fat?!:confused::confused::confused:

If you have a lack of the right nutrients then you body will do all it can to protect itself from starving away completely.

Basically if you don't get all the vitamins and minerals your body requires and drop below a threshold of calories then your body goes into protection mode to try to ensure its survival for longer.

How this works is that the body needs to use more energy to maintain 1lb of muscle than 1lb of fat so it switches from burning mainly fat to mainly muscle.

This will increase your body fat ratio but it will also slow your ability to burn calories and loose weight because the body won't need as much energy to maintain a body with a higher ratio of fat.

If your body doesn't require as many calories to maintain your body then your weight loss will slow which is the whole aim of your body when in starvation mode. Clever thing the body!

I hope this helps :)
Sorry Coley, I only just saw your comments - Chicken and Chelle have answered brilliantly though :)