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September Calorie Counters Challenge!

Tis that time again to renew the thread. Hope everyone did a lot better than I did last month!! :p
I'm optimistic though that this will be a good month for me and others as August is often a time where people are on holiday, break from work etc where it's easy to over induldge. Well that's my theory anyway.... ;)

Just post how much weight you're hoping to lose this month and update us with your progress! :D

Mixxi - 6 lbs
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Current weight: 211 pounds
Goal for October: 205lbs (-6lbs)

I am hoping for more around an 8lb loss, but any loss is a good loss and 6lbs seems less daunting. Also I am going to require myself to walk at least 30 minutes per day, along with 1 piece of fruit and 1 serving dark green veggies per day (I'll work my way to two fruit and four veggie eventually - baby steps, I eat very poorly right now)
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How is everyone holding up? Doing well here as day 3 nears it's end; still need to make it through dinner and the rest of the evening, but I think I can manage. Everything is all planned out. :)
I think I'm getting back into it now :) we'll see if I'm going the right way when I weigh on Monday.
Well done MzMonday.. the first few days are always the hardest I find.
Day #4 and I made it through lunch ~ dodged free pizza in the lunch room and I am feeling proud of myself :D

Surprisingly I feel great, more energetic, even. It may be all in my head, the burst of enthusiams that comes with starting a new project; but I am hoping it's just a result of eating healthier (I won't say healthy as I am not yet eating completely healthy - but I am doing a LOT better).
Start weight: 211 pounds
New Goal for October: 200lbs (-11lbs)

I am guessing that water weight mostly contributed to the number below, I guess I need to reset my goal for October, though. Setting it down to 200lbs. That would be really nice!

Now that week #2 has started I am adding to my weekly goals. I am still aiming daily for at least ...
30 minutes walking
1 piece of fruit
1 serving dark green veggies
...and now I am adding: 5 minutes on the elliptical 4 times per week - so a total of 20 mins per week.

Week 1 (Sept 8th): 205lbs (-6lbs) :D
Week 2 (Sept 15th):
Week 3 (Sept 22nd):
Week 4 (Sept 29th):
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How is everyone holding up? Going strong in September?

Doing pretty good here, had sunset blvd (fast food) yesterday for lunch with some colleagues, calculated to about 700 calories (!); way too much for one meal, but I managed to stay within my limit for the day. Could have been worse, though, McDonald's would have been about 1200 calories for a similar meal ;).

It's almost the weekend...oh how I long to sleep in to 10!
Hi everyone,

I've started calorie counting as of yesterday - so I guess I'm eleven days behind everyone in the monthly challenge!

I weighed myself last night for the first time in years - I weigh 224 lbs, which was a bit of a shock.

No cakes for me at work now (argghhh! I work in a garage and customers are always bringing us doughnuts).

I'm really looking forward to making a change to my life. I'm hoping for 2lb per week weight loss, anything else is a bonus. I have tickets to a concert in seven weeks time and I'll be seeing a load of old friends there - and I want to have some visible weight loss by then! And anything I can get rid of before my 30th birthday in 3-and-a-bit weeks time will be a bonus:)
Welcome :)

Making the change is exciting and it's a good feeling. It has it's challenging days, but you won't regret your decision once you start looking and feeling better. For me I haven't noticed that I look different, but I do feel better. More able, if that makes sense.

2lbs a week is very reasonable if you are combining both diet and exercise. Are you planning on using food focus or anything like that to assist?
Hi MzMonday,

I've started using Food Focus and am finding it very user friendly - it's taking the guesswork out of things!


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I'm calorie counting again after a bit of a gain over summer :party0036: ( I can't think why? :rolleyes: )

My target is 9lbs this month.

I've already lost 2.5lbs.

Today my sore throat and headcold has turned into not being able to keep anything but a few dry cornflakes down, so I'm having a bit of trouble sticking to my regular diet!

Hopefully I'll be on the mend and back to the gym soon :)

Good Luck to everyone else on the thread!
The summer with all of the vacations, warm weather, icecream...yeah, I can imagine it's a tough time of year to stick it out.
I went to the movies today and I had a kid size popcorn. I was so tempted to get one of those giant snickers bars but I went with a snickers mini I had brought from home instead. Surprisingly I didn't feel like I was missing out...much ;) My hubby had a big popcorn and a magnum chocolate icecream on a stick. Oh boy was that tough to sit next to.

The movie was "Hellboy II", much better than the first one, for anyone interested :)

48 hours until the next weigh in for yours truly.
Start weight: 211 pounds
New Goal for October: 200lbs (-11lbs)

Week #3 has officially started and I am still feeling good.
30 minutes walking
1 piece of fruit
1 serving dark green veggies
10 minutes on the elliptical 4 times per week
adding: 15 minutes speed walking 5 times per week & another 5 minutes, making a total of 10 minutes 4 times per week.
Week 1 (Sept 8th): 205lbs (-6lbs) :D
Week 2 (Sept 15th): 203lbs (-2lbs this week)
Week 3 (Sept 22nd):
Week 4 (Sept 29th):
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Well, I'm only on my sixth day, but I had a sneaky look at the scales this morning and I'm 5lb down (now 15st 9lb) - though I would suspect a lot of the loss is fluid.

Still, it's making me feel positive!
Austineer, I lost some water weight with my first week, too, but I think some of it was actual fat loss as this second week I lost another 2lbs. It will probably taper, but 5lbs is 5lbs – congratulations on the loss! Keep it up, your body is responding :D

Mixxi, very nice. You’ll make your goal, and then some, I think :)
Hi folks! I'm doing really well with my diet - not given in to temptation yet, even when we had two boxes of biscuits given to us at work!

The only problem I've got is, um, constipation... even though my diet for the last week has been much higher in fibre and fruit/veg/pulses than normal. Argh!

Tomorrow morning is the beginning of my second official week so I'll be weighing myself then.

My boyfriend said I looked like I had lost a little bit of weight this morning - that's a great incentive to keep going.


Warning-Contains Nuts
I've lost another 1.5lbs this week despite being ill, TOTM, and a dominos pizza incident...

so 4lbs off so far 5lbs to go to my 9lb target. :)

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