Serial failed VLCD 'er! Atkins newbie.....


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Good morning all! Well where do I start? I am what it says on the tin, have played with Cambridge and Exante and failed far too many times now. I thought it was time to look for a new route, something a bit more sustainable (for me)!

So I am starting the new fresh year with a new fresh plan of action.

I'm Kez, 26 and from sunny Cornwall (have noticed from reading other peoples diaries that theres a few Cornish dwellers/frequenters about). Day 1 weigh in is: 18 stone 8.6 lbs

I've put about half a stone on over the xmas period which isn't so bad. But I am heading back towards my heaviest ever 19st 2lbs. Am feeling pretty gross. My trousers are all too tight, my boobs bursting out of my tops. I have to put my feet on the chair too tie my shoes, cause bending over makes my eyes bulge out of my head :)

My three reasons for losing weight (aside from the usual) are:

1. For my wedding July 7th 2012.
2. So I am light enough to back my horse myself.
3. Start trying for a baby (am slightly polycystic).

I dont have the book yet, will pick one up very soon. But am versed in the science behind ketosis. Have gotten my starting info from the Atkins website and studying lots of forums.

Let the new year, new plan and new me commence! :)
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Hi Kez and welcome!

You will love the Atkins woe, and this is a fab forum to help you on the way - lovely people who are all going through the same thing, and lots of great tips.

Have a good read through the stickies, in particular, Jim's one "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" - if you don't have the book yet, that will help with the guidelines for Induction. Other good stickies are "Just Recipes" and the low carb shopping list.

I started Atkins the year before last and did really well in the first few months - but then the carbs started creeping back in, I made all sorts of excuses, and I've been off the wagon for months, stuffing every carb known to man down my throat :eek: - so am starting Induction tomorrow.

Make sure you write down everything (yes, really) on your diary so we can take a look and give you advice, if needed. Quite a lot of us also list our daily menus on My Fitness Pal, to keep a close eye on the carbs. A tad OCD? Possibly, but also very helpful :D

My one tip - keep it simple at first. Get all of your 20g daily carb allowance from green leafy veg, and don't get too clever with the carbs you have left. I did that constantly, and it really was part of my downfall (except for the cheating, of course :)).

Speaking of cheating, I have noticed a lot of people here starting Induction but trying to bend the rules from the outset and failing as a result - so don't be tempted to do this. Try and follow Atkins to the letter - so no caffeine, no alcohol or fizzy drinks with citric acid (which can stall you), no fiddling about with the carb levels.

This way you get to listen to your body - what helps the weight loss, what stalls you - and when you get to maintenance, what level of carbs you can stay on without gaining for long term health and happiness :D

And we will be here to help you do it :D!


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S: 19st2lb C: 16st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40.7 Loss: 2st3lb(11.57%)
Thanks! Thankfully the cupboard is stocked with coke zero, my keto friendly treat. The caffeine bit will be hard. I rely on coffee too much to keep my belly feeling warm and full. Will pick up some decaf tomorrow! What does cream taste like in coffee, or is it best to just go black?

Ive been reading lots of recipe forums as I know that that is where I will fall down. Eating the same meal day in day out! Need to keep it inventive.

Only just getting up (thanks to NYE celebrations). Cheese omlette me thinks and chicken and bacon wraps for tea (with veggies). Plus lots of water!


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S: 19st2lb C: 16st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40.7 Loss: 2st3lb(11.57%)
Ooh Ive got My Fitness Pal! Do you just record your own or can you link up and see each others :)


Clean green leafy machine
S: 356lb C: 314lb G: 140lb BMI: 55.6 Loss: 42lb(11.8%)
The no caffeine thing is only for the first two weeks, to help you detox - and I really recommend it. I went from 4-5 coffees and 2-3 diet cokes to one coffee a day on Atkins - and feel much better for it, so give it a try :D Why not try decaff, and for the fizz, some nice sparkling mineral water.

A lot of people use double cream in their coffee, but I have soya milk (I use Alpro unsweetened low fat, 0.1g carbs per 100) - an acquired taste, but I prefer it to regular milk now.

Re MFP, I'm sure you can make people friends so they can see yours and you can see theirs :D

Oooh one other thing - do your measurements as well as your weight before you start (and sorry if you already had that planned!). Some weeks you may not lose pounds but will lose inches, which is always a boost :D


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S: 19st2lb C: 16st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 40.7 Loss: 2st3lb(11.57%)
Re: measurements. I hadnt, but I will! I always forget and get to week 4 or 5 and regret having not done them.

I'll have to experiment with the cream and soya milk!


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Hi Kez, welcome and good to see your diary. I started jan 4th last year and this christmas gave myself the best ever present of feeling fab. Good luck and stick with it - it works:D


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Hey Kez, I can't really add to the absolutely great posts left already - absolute gems of wisdom!

But I can say "Welcome and good luck".


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Hi kez and welcome, have you read the "So you're thinking of starting Atkins" sticky?