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Serious advice desperately needed...


I am seriously struggling at the moment, and could really use some advice!

Basically nearly 2 weeks ago I had a miscarriage. Its been a really tough time for both me and my man, especially as I am due to get married in 12 weeks.
Since then my weight has been really up and down, as expected. But this week I have really tried to stick to plan, and am also going to start the gym tonight.

However, yesterday I committed the cardinal sin…I weighed myself at home!! So this morning I weighed myself again, and aparently since yesterday I have gained 4lbs! I am really confused. Yesterday I had a jacket potato for lunch and home made cottage pie for dinner. Granted I didn’t eat my dinner until about 8pm due to the gym induction, but could this be the reason for the 4lbs???

I have my weigh in this evening, and now I am terrified to go….has anyone ever weighed more in the morning than evening???

Thanks in advance!

S x
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Hi S

So sorry to hear of your miscarriage. Please please don't worry about the difference in weight on your scales. This is the reason we are encouraged not to weigh ourselves at home. Different scales can have completely different readings. You may find when you go tonight that all is well and there was no need to worry. It sounds like you are doing all the right things as on slimming world you can eat at any time. Dawn x


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Your weight can fluctuate as much as 7 lb in a day! and thats normal. Its exactly why we are told to only weigh once a week, at the same time, as thats the only way to get an accurate reading of weight loss. Even thats not 100%, for some people it can take 2 weeks for a proper loss to show!

I am so sorry abotu your MC, this must be a hard time for you. Please dont be hard on yourself xx


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I agree with the above poster. Also sorry ot hear of your miscarriage and wonder if the weight gain (if there is a gain as your scales may be different to SW) is something to do with your normones being out of whack after the miscarriage?

Take care of yourself and hope the SW scales are kind.

Mrs V

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I am so sorry to read of your loss Hun.

Please dont weigh yourself at home. Stick to the class scales and this will show the true weight reflection. As others have said, all scales weigh differently and unless you have your scales sent away for calibration they are not going to be accurate.

Take care



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Hi, Sorry to hear about your sad news my thoughts go out to you. When you start doing the gym you gain weight as your building muscle up so don't worry about the fluxaritation of your weight and like everyone says just wait until you go to class to see the changes. I am sure in time if you stick at the gym body shap wl change but don't pressure on yourself your mental health is far more important, take care and lots of love to you and your OH x
Dont be too hard on yourself Sam, you get back on track when you feel up to it!

I had a miscarraige at 12 weeks at the end of Novemeber and just completly stopped SW (and i had been doing so good up until then, had lost almost 2 stone). Well, i just couldnt face going and was really rather depressed for a few months and comfort ate alot!! I did go back January but my heart still wasnt in it at all, i still wasnt right in myself and was still struggling so i stopped after about 6 weeks of slow weight loss.

I have only just gone back 3 weeks ago now that my due date is by with and i have lost 5 and 3 lbs my first 2 weeks :D :D :D

Give yourself some time and dont worry. Also, as others said, SW scales are soooo mcuh more acurate!


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so sorry to hear of ur miscarriage (((hugs))). I'm always weighing myself at home and i know i shouldn't ive told my boyfriend to take the scales in the car to work with him so im not tempted lol, like the other posters have said its normal for ur weight to flucuate like that and im sure that 4lb and more some will come back off x
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the kind words.
I went last night, and only put on 0.5lb so im 'happy' with that. I also went to the gym last night which really helped too. I think working out is actually quite a good way to work out frustrations and injustices!!!

Im hoping in the 12 weeks until the wedding I can really make a difference, between the gym and slimming world im sure I can do it! (Fingers crossed)



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Firstly HUGE HUGS!!! :hug99: I'm so sorry you had to go through such a terrible tragedy. Nothing i can say will convey just how much i feel for you right now. :hug99:
Secondly having gone through that you're going to be up, down and all over the place emotions, food and everything else wise, so go easy on yourself. You're still grieving. Give it time. (i know everyone says that, but it will help)

As for stressing about your weigh-ins, DON'T! lol As long as you're sticking to the program then you wil be losing fat - even if the scales don't register a loss. I personally think we should all throw them away, because we do ourselves no favours by scale hopping - but then i think about not weighing in and it fills me with dread! Can't win can we! lol

I also went to the gym last night which really helped too. I think working out is actually quite a good way to work out frustrations and injustices!!!

The gym is a fab way of making yourself feel a bit brighter when you've got so much other stuff going on. It gives you something to focus on and lifts your spirits (for a while anyway)

Good luck with the weight loss hun. xxx


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Hi there Hun

I can't really add anything here that has n't already been said. Im so sorry about your miscarriage, its a terrible thing to go through and can affect us all in different ways. It was having a miscarriage in February that made me wake up and join slimming world and I've stuck to it ever since and am nearly 4 and a half stone down - at least something positive came out of a horrible situation. :eek::eek:

I'm sure if you carry on you will be rewarded with some good weightlosses and you'll be looking amazing on your wedding day in 12 weeks.

Thinking of you

Alia x

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