Serious Advice needed!


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Afternoon everyone!:)
I'm on day 2 of my restart! It's SOOOO hard!:( on the 2nd time round, Once ketosis kicks in is it as hard? or does it feel ok once in ketosis!??
The advice i need is that if i was to have some protein each day would i stay in ketosis and keep losing weight? has anyone tried it this way b4? e.g. 2 food packs and a chicken breast? I know you do something similar on AAM week but is it possible to do it every week and still have good results?
I dont meet my CDC until 2moro ev! I'm getting back into it by using the LL food packs I had left! I understand there are different plans on CD, do the others have as good results as SS?
Any advise will be greatly appreciated!:eek:
Thanx Linda for the info on the 790 plan! It looks good!

However i had a thought, would it be ok to have a meal that your allowed on the 790 plan on the days that i'm really struggling!? I want to SS as much as i can but if i REALLY need to eat would this be ok to do?
Thanks everyone!
Hi CJ_06
I discussed this with Linda at the weekend, her advise is do one or the other, if you mix and match SS & 790 your body doesn't know what it is doing, I am currently following 790 as SS is not right for me at the moment.

The weight difference may be 1lb a month, but if you can stick to it, it's well worth doing.

Mel :D