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Serious craving!

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by fatal, 23 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. fatal

    fatal Well-Known Member

    My mum bought the most lush looking massive mint aero cheesecake :( I've been able to ignore it for a while but at the moment I'm craving it so so so so much! HELP!
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  3. Debzi

    Debzi Well-Known Member

    I know it seems wasteful but the only options are give it to someone quickly or put it in the bin (out of the packet).

    I find the only way to deal with not eating things I shouldn't is not to have them in the house - can't cope otherwise.
  4. NumberOne

    NumberOne Well-Known Member

    Hang in there! Have a low calorie snack. I really want chocolate right now, so im having a chocolate chip cereal bar. Or try take your mind of it, read a mag, watch a movie, listen to some music. Just anything that'll take your mind of the cheesecake!
  5. serafyn

    serafyn Well-Known Member

    Yes throw it out x

    Although I want one now :wave_cry:
  6. fatal

    fatal Well-Known Member

    I ate a little. :( :( bad me.

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