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Serious question

Discussion in 'Lipotrim TFR 100%' started by gemsywemsy, 6 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else drink 4ltrs of water a day in addition to the three shakes? Im getting worried reading horror stories that I could drown my body lol. I use 400ml of water in my shakes cause I cant stand it being thick
    Will I do more harm than good??
    Please help

    start weight 12.2 current weight 11.2
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  3. Crazii_Makeup

    Crazii_Makeup Well-Known Member

    I drink 4-5litres a day and use about 400ml too for my shakes and does me no harm :)

    I'm pretty sure you can only "drown your body" if you drink the 4 litres in one go so should be fine if your only sipping it throughout the day.
  4. gemsywemsy

    gemsywemsy Well-Known Member

    Thanks crazii. I do gulp tho n perhaps im guilty of downing half a litre to get it gone but I think I should be ok lol. Do you think its had an effect on your losses?? Xx

    start weight 12.2 current weight 11.2
  5. Crazii_Makeup

    Crazii_Makeup Well-Known Member

    No I dont really think It has.. Think because my body is lighter this time around maybe the rate Im losing the weight at might be a little slower than last time.

    Although on my first round of TFR there were a good few weeks were i was drinking 6Litres daily!!
  6. Not to scare you but- The first time I did this diet I was with my friends and I drank my two litres during the day. Later we decided to go out and I was sitting in the pub drinking water. I think I drank another 3 litres so that's 5 litres in total. What happened next was really weird. I felt like I needed to go to the toilet really bad so I pushed through the crowded nightclub to get to the toilets but by the time I got there I decided I was ok and a bit of fresh air might be better for me. As I was leaving the club I stumbled. The bouncer thinking I was drunk threw me out. I passed out on the street outside the nightclub. I was so lucky my cousin - who knew I was on the diet found me. He threw me into his car and started to drive me to the hospital. My speech was slurred and I was very uncoordinated. I got him to stop the car and I got sick. I was there for about ten minutes vomiting pure clear water. Then I went to sit back up and I was fine. No slurred speech, no light headedness, my coordination was back. Everyone's body is different. I found that drinking 4 litres of water is not a good idea for me on a daily basis. I drink 3 and I am very carefully not to drink any after 6pm - so I get a good night's sleep. Be sure to keep track of your in take. Too much water is very dangerous. I know.
  7. blondebomb

    blondebomb Member

    I drink between 3-4 litres of water a day (not much after 8pm) and I too make my shakes up with more water as I don't like them too thick! I am losing the weight ok - only in week 2 but lost 8lbs the first week and my 2nd weigh in is tomorrow.

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