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Seriously considering getting a puppy..... Advice needed!

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Hi everyone,

For the past 6 months or so my partner and I have been talking about getting a puppy. I have always had pets growing up and am a real dog lover, my last dog was a cross lab/ collie and was just the most loyal and playful dog ever :) we are considering a lab and although I am no expert in the breed I have spent time researching the breed and know the pros/ cons. We are both in a situation financially where we can afford for jags, insurance, food, bedding, toys etc. I would also be looking to have the dog trained as I know labs respond well to this. We both love being outdoors so the dog would get lots of exercise. It would also get an endless supply of cuddles and attention :)

My major concern is that we both work full time as teachers and obviously don't want to leave the dog at home alone. Our plan is to drop the dog off at my dads( who is retired) he would walk the dog and look after it during the day and I would collect it after work. It would spend roughly 8 hours with him five days a week. We would have the dog evenings, weekends and holidays( which us teachers get quite often!) we are looking to buy the dog during the Christmas holidays so that the first couple of weeks is spent with us and we can toilet train etc we would let it meet my dad in this time also. I wonder if anyone is in a similar situation and how it works for you? This is a decision I do not want to make flippantly and ultimately the welfare of the dog is paramount. I know a dog is a commitment for the next 10-15 years and I am completely ready to make this commitment.

Advice/ thoughts needed please :)
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Going to view a lab pup tomorrow :)
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Hey hun,

I have a labrador cross springer spaniel and He is amazing loyal loving but he is very badly behaved lol - i also know that its all my fault because I treat him like a baby. When i say badly behaved he is just really really exciteable has mountains of energy and wont stay! He's like a shadow he just wants to be where I am lol.

Cybi is on his own for between 4 and 6 hours a day (some people may get really cross with me for that but oh well) But he has plenty of food, water and toys. So he's not destructive we bought him the doggy board games that involve hiding treats for him to find. It keeps him busy and he loves them. He also gets a 30 min walk before i go to work then an hour when either me and my husband get home and then 30 mins again before bed.

I work shifts so it vary's how long he is alone for really. My mum is also a teacher and she has a peakingese and he stays on his own while she is at school but she always comes home at lunch time for him to go out the garden :)

Good luck chosing a puppy, set the ground rules and training early, fresh chicken works a treat to get them started. Also decided what training method your going to follow. We use the clicker method :D oh and decide whether you or the oh is the pack leader - dogs will only usually see one of you as the boss :D xxx
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Thanks for your reply Miss Slinky. I guess my worry is that the puppy won't know whether it's coming or going if it's at my dads during the day and with us in the evening. I obviously want to do everything in my power to keep things as consistent as I can for it between two homes, sames rules/boundaries etc

We have contacted a breeder we found through the KC and are going to view some puppies tomorrow, so excited :)

The board game things you spoke about sound good :)Will google them. I think the quality of time spent with a dog is more important than the length of time :)

Thanks again and will appreciate views of others reading :)
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Well cybi goes to stay in my mum's house for the weekend once a month as my husband is from stockport and we live on anglesey - he loves it as his nanna spoils him rotten! lol, I think if puppy knows this is something that happens everyday he or she will get used to it and know that it is his routine :) It will also make weekends special for puppy as he gets you ALLL day lol.

Go on ebay and search for maya or aztec dog games there are lots of variety's these cost about 12.99 free postage they are wooden. Something else I would recomend as a great toy is a Boomer Ball. Before we bought a boomer ball cybi popped around 10 footballs with ease, The boomer ball is a solid ball that is impossibly to bite or pop so he will spend hours chasing it around outside! Its a great way of trying to tire an energetic dog or puppy out and gives them hours of entertainment lol. I got mine off ebay you can get various sizes but for larger breads 8 to 10 inch size balls are the best :)

there is nothing better than having a dog, its so rewarding :D

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Thanks, sounds great I'll check it out just now :)
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did u get a lab?? xxxx

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