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Seriously considering LT

Hello everyone.

I'm approx 5 stones overweight due to a combination of quitting smoking a while back and finding solace in the biscuits added to general laziness and junk eating. I started smoking again stupidly so now I'm overweight and a smoker.

I'm very tall for a female (5ft10) so truthfully I can carry the weight but it has got out of hand, people tend to remark that I don't 'look' my weight but I definitely feel it.

I have tried WW and SW without much success, namely because I tend to 'cheat' too much. I need something stricter that I need to follow to the letter and after reading about LT it's becoming more appealing although I'm unsure as to what to expect.

Is it absolutely definite that I will get bad headaches (I work in front of a computer all day so really could do without headaches) and not only this but is it true I can't take painkillers if I'm on this diet?

There is a pharmacy a few miles from me that runs this programme, my intention is tomorrow morning to go and get the dvd they insist on would be participants taking to watch first, then return it in the afternoon or Sat morning and start the programme asap.

Truthfully what appeals to me most is the rapid start with the loss. I know I need to educate myself more about it and the dvd would be good for that but I thought it made more sense to chat to people actually using LT for a better insight.

Is it likely to end up with the dreaded saggy skin after using LT? have heard stories of people that ended up with horrible baggy skin after following a similar sounding diet but truthfully don't know if it's LT. Is saggy skin avoidable through exercise?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks so much in advance to anyone that can help
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i lost 2 and half stone on LT and another through weight management, I dont have any saggy skin, I used the power plate some weeks in. I did not suffer from headaches and also use computer's allday,everyone is different. Some can be quite ill at first. I personally felt really healthy, I did have toilet problems and also was on totm quite a lot during my stint on LT. However it was the best thing I have ever done and I have virtually maintained my weight for the past year. Good luck.


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I lost 6 and a half stones in 5 months on Lipotrim. The headaches last for only a few days (during the first three or four days) and you can take paracetomol with no problems. LT really suited me because I needed simple strict rules to follow and you can't get easier to follow rules than LT's.
The video you have to watch is now up on their website, but a chat to the pharmacist is a great idea anyway. I have a great pharmacist who I still see weekly even though I'm now in maintenance.

I do have saggy skin. I used a vibration plate and I guess it has helped a bit, but I suppose it would be impossible to lose over 6 stones and not end up with a few leftover bits. Now I'm eating again I am doing exercise, but my Doctor has referred me to a plastic surgeon to deal with it. I'm going on Monday and am really interested to find out what they can do for me.

I could rabbit on for hours about how great LT is (and will happily do so given half a chance) but basic advice is: stick to the rules 100% - don't be tempted to cheat/snack/nibble at all, drink plenty of water (I have about 4 litres a day) and keep coming onto this site. Most important of all though is to realise that although it doesn't take long to lose the weight, it isn't a quick fix. You must use the time away from food to sort out your approach to food, and to decide how you will face it again when the time comes. It's a tough road but it is possible if your head is in the right place. Lipotrim will give you a great opportunity to "start again" in your relationship with food - but it's hard work making sure you don't end up back where you started (or worse).

Best of luck - and let us know if you need any help/advice.


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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I agree with Jon. If you stick 100%, you will lose about a stone a month. I started, initially intending to only stick with it for a month as a kick start. I have done six months on it and have lost just over six stones.
I cannot recommend it highly enough. As you are very tall , you may not have too much issue with loose skin. You can always use LT to shift the first couple of stone and then do a GL diet as your permanent lifestyle change and lose the remainder of your weight more slowly thus avoiding the problem of loose skin. For myself, I just have a little sagginess on my upper arms but everywhere else is fine.
I say "go for it" and stay committed to it for at least two months and then review how you feel.
thanks everyone, that's a massive help, I think I am going to go ahead and try it. I told the pharmacy that I'd rather just buy it as the info was available on the net but they're adamant you have to come take the dvd home and watch it.

your weight losses are fantastic and I know I should be more concerned with the losing of the weight and not just the possible loose skin but there's no way I could afford surgery if it came to that.

I'm just worried in case it's the same as slimfast...I hated that stuff lol.
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S: 18st13lb C: 12st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 25.4 Loss: 6st9lb(35.09%)
I couldn't afford it either, but as I've been referred by an NHS doctor to a plastic surgeon at an NHS hospital I assume there won't be a charge. I didn't think the NHS would do this, but my pharmacist says that they will if they see that you have made a real effort to lose the weight - and hopefully save them loads of money in the future.

That's fantastic Jon, I hope that your appointment goes well hun, your before and after pics are amazingly inspirational :)

The main reason I think LT might be the one to work for me is that being a smoker (ugh I know), I'm one of those ones that doesn't have a proper meal plan. My breakfast consists of coffee and cigs, as does lunch...when I make the kids their dinner in the evening (they have breakfast club and lunch at school so I don't cook then only at weekends) I have usually went the entire day without eating, so I will have dinner with the kids...then spend the rest of the night munching on crisps and chocs, this is where the gains are def coming from. I don't exercise as I work full time 6 days a week so I'm lounging around and stuffing myself with sugar when I do eat :(

I think LT would definitely stabilise my diet a lot more than what it is now, I don't eat properly as it is. A friend has told me of someone that quit smoking and v successfully while following LT, she said that this person just drank water when she was craving a cig and it helped with her LT programme as well, not sure how that works so if anyone knows of anyone that's been in a similar position I'd love to hear about it :)

I didn't get the dvd the other day, the pharmacy shut half day..and I only found that out when I got there :( so it's going to be Monday now, gutted because I could have been a few days in now.



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The Nhs will do it, as you said jon when you have made an effort yourself to loose the weight, then if you do end up with saggy skin it can cause infections, depression etc.... This is why the surgery is available on NHS. :) Good Luck Want2loseit xx
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Hey I'm 2weeks off the fags, i was like that, no brekkie or lunch then binge in the evening!
I lost 8st on LT while smoking, i'm here on day1 a non smoker. So i'll let you know how it goes, it seems harder this time but everythings possible!
thanks Leela & Daisy, the advice am getting here is just fantastic :)

Daisy def keep me updated on how you get on with the LT and not smoking hun, good luck and congrats both on such brilliant losses

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I've tried day1 all week and failed :( It is defo much harder-or maybe just in my head!!
I was considering smoking again this morning but i just can't, i'm really proud of myself for stopping so i'll just try kill the 2 birds with 1 stone, eeek!!
Hun if you can avoid it at all DON'T SMOKE!! you're doing amazingly well to have got 2 weeks under your belt, well done!! The 2 birds with one stone sounds like a brilliant idea and you have the smoking under control now so you def have a head start.

Don't do it hun, you know if you smoke it you will only regret it and think why the hell did I do that, then feel awful about it, just one turns to just a pack doesn't it. You can tell I'm a serial quitter as well can't you lol
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No i defo wont smoke, it would be such a shame cos i have to say-i've been smoking for 9 years :( but giving up has been effortless, not a craving or a pang so starting again would be stupid.
Read Alan Carr, easy way to stop smoking- amaaazing
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Well i'd also run out of duty free smokes and simply can't afford them anymore so that makes it easier :p

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