seriously noisy tummy?


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... Not hunger related. It's not a grumbling tummy where my stomach is wanting food, this is much lower down and a very big noise.. the only way I can describe it is as if I have lots of massive chunks of air all stuck in my intestines? It's a really low down noise and I can feel it! (its not wind! Lol!)... I have never experienced anything like it in ky life, let alone when doing tfr and I am confused! I do get the rumbly tummy and this is normal... But this is crazy! U can actually hear it in the same room and was so bad this morning I had to get out of bed! Lol! (its not coming out, don't worry, shudder at the thought Eeewww!)

Anyone reassure me? Any idea what it can be? Xxx
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Hi there.. Same happened me when I was on it in sept!! Nothing to worry about I don't think. I'd say it's just everything settling down and adjusting in the tummy. X

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I have been doing the diet since July and all of that time my stomach has been really noisy! Just ignore it!