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Seriously struggling today


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I started sw in november last year and had few days off over xmas/new year and i can honestly say, this is the first day i have really struggled.
I've eaten plenty but don't feel full. I really want chocolate and only have 4 syns left today. Don't know i can stop myself eating chocolate tonight.
I hate this feeling, usually the losing weight, feeling better keeps me on track. I don't know whats wrong with me.

I always get to this weight on diets and then give up
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Oh hun, don't give up! You're doing so well. Just keep reminding yourself that you want to look and feel fabulous for your birthday - and you will!!

Do you have any low-syn chocolate available? What about highlights or options stirred into yoghurt? Milky way magic stars are 3.5 syns for a funsize pack.

Or, just have what you have in. Eat half, wait a while and see if you want the rest (and go over your syns).

Or, be really good and have fruit!!


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dont give up! this is just a blip....if you have some chocolate today, just cut your syns tomorrow. I am positive this will be okay....you dont want to deny yourself completely and then go off plan completely!

I find a fridged curly wurly is brilliant for choc cravings - (having one myself tonight) and it takes ages to eat too!

Take care and think of your goals - you CAN do it! xxx


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Thank you

I am thinking of my birthday goal and thats why i havent gone off track yet.
I'm going to have 2 big oranges now and have a kitkat or curly wurly later and an early night i think is best


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Your not alone hun, only just seen this thread but just made my own one pretty much mirroring what you just said! **hugs**


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:wave_cry: hiya know what you mean,my diary post is similar to yours too,..ive had horrible weekend and before coming on here earlier id blown everything up out of proportion....the way ive gone off youd think id eaten the entire contents of the fridge/freezer and smothered it in chocolate sauce! lol (i hadnt honest)

Ive decided to just forget today and get back to plan tomorrow - ive only gained once in over 14 weeks-xmas-and that was only 2.5lbs....so im going to be kind to myself and alow myself the odd slip and not beat myself up bout it you know...you should do the same :)

we are all doing well!...
if we wernt we'd all be veggied out on the sofa stuffing our faces with anything we could-but wer'e not-wer'e on here and doing something bout our weight! :) x