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Seriously thinking of quitting


Size 14 here i come!
It's not getting any easier:( and now i have stomach ache, a bit like totm pains but really high, in the middle, under my ribcage. Anyone else got these in week 3?
I had them in week 1 but thought it was normal, i wasn't happy as being hungry is enough to deal with.
Now it's week 3 and i'm struggling anyway, it's really making me want to pack in and see if eating makes the cramp go away.
Please let me know if you had the same thing, that would really help me. I never had any of this when i first did LT.
I won't give in tonight but if i still have this ache in my stomach tomorrow not sure if i will carry on, i can deal with hunger but not with pain.
Really fed up at thought of stopping!:sigh:
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hey stinky im so sorry to hear that this has started. have you taken some painkillers like some solpadine or something? i really dont know what to say but youve come so far already. and it sucks that your getting through the food cravings and the pain comes along. the only thing i can think off is if your really thinking of coming off tomorrow why not do a refeed for a week and then if the pain goes away come back on tfr? or lose weight with the maintenance shakes??...
but you know what you can handle and what you cant and you CAN handle the food cravings and you will get through them, but i dont know about the cramps... just have some time out to think about your priorities and whats most important to you, and try and make a plan of action or youll end up eating the same way as before.. let us know what you decide.... maybe a bath might help your muscles relax??? hope you can carry on...positive vibes and hugs...x


I will be skinny again!!!
NOO Stinky dont give up!!!

It sounds like it could be gas!!!

You need to drink plenty of warm water to clear it out.. .you will probably be farting like mad like but who cares!!!

Have you been for a number two??


Size 14 here i come!
Bells, my priority is my health hun, i have just taken a pain killer so lets see where that gets me!
I am so positive today too, i went to a pamper day in my area which was totally free and had reflexology, head massage, reiki(sp) and i can't tell you how much food was there, all buffet sandwiches and the trimmings. I didn't touch a thing as i want to do this so much. Then to come home and feel like this, it's pants.

Chelly it does feel like trapped wind but it feels too high up, will fizzy water help me or make it worse? My tummy is making some weird noises, god i hope it is and i hope it stops soon! I will try and have some warm water like you said and report in later. I seem to be going to toilet ok-ish.
Bloody rubbish!!
could be trapped wind, try baking powder in water....... or a fizzy drink can somethings help. or alka saltzer if your allowed. if this fails plase go see your DR


Size 14 here i come!
could be trapped wind, try baking powder in water....... or a fizzy drink can somethings help. or alka saltzer if your allowed. if this fails plase go see your DR
Thanks sam i will try fizzy water then.
ooh i bet that was lovely, what an awful end to a lovely day. and you got it for free thats great. im so glad your more positive about the food today because if you werent then this could be disaster zone...fingers crossed the painkiller or the warm water will help..i really hope so keep us updated,,x


I love my purdy shoes
I hope you feel better hun, I get those pains every so often if they get too bad try eating a piece of chicken and a little bit of dark green veg,because it generally won't ruin your whole diet and you could still continue as it shouldn't effect your ketosis *if you read about Atkins that works on ketosis you see* Also it could be your bodys way of telling you to eat...Don't get too stressed about it and your health is the main concern here there are other ways to diet, maybe two shakes and a meal ??? xxx
Hi, Im not 100% sure but my Cousin did this diet and lost 5 stone, she did say usually around week 3 you get the urgency for the loo so to speak and she had pains for a bit.

Peppermint tea will help with digestive system, drink warm water not cold.

Good luck, you have done so well.


Bring on the trumpets
Hey there
The treatments that you have had today have an physical effect on the body.....like a detox.....so maybe your equilibrium has been unbalanced.....
Hope you get well soon.....don't give up just yet!
Dont give up yet.. you will realy beat yourself up about it, have a hot bath & a peppermint tea, i sometimes get pains like that, or i lye on my back with a hot water bottle on my tummy .. that works a treat.


Size 14 here i come!
Hot bath:checkmark:

Fizzy water:checkmark:

Warm water:checkmark:


I am pleased to say the pain has eased to nearly nothing, i think it was the painkillers that zapped it in the end.

:fingerscrossed: that it doesn't come back! If it does then i will take your advice cherry and have a little bit of chicken and green veg for lunch tomorrow.

I did think the treatments may have had an effect newdawn but they were only about 15 mins each, still could have been a factor though.

I'm not going to totally give in if i do have to have something to eat tomorrow but if it keeps happening then maybe a different diet may have to be looked at. Hopefully it won't come to that and this will be the end of it all. Really feeling much happier, it amazes me what a difference you lot can make:party0038: THANKYOU!!:D
glad to hear the pain has all but totally gone away - all sorts of things could have triggered it with your pampering - i remembered I had foot massage, and the woman knew I needed a wee, because she could see/feel a slightly swollen bit on my foot which resembled my bladder - it was a bit freaky !!



I will be skinny again!!!
Yaaaaay glad to hear your more chirpy!!!!

Glad the pain has gone :D :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Babe I hope the pains stay away, it'd be such a shame to quit when you've done so well. If it does come back then a trip to the docs would probably be best as it could be something like your gallbladder playing up. It's probably complaining as you've made it slightly redundant by going on this diet.


Size 14 here i come!
I have been secretly worried that it is my gallbladder as i suffer badly with it when i'm overweight. But it doesn't feel in the same place as the gallbladder and no where near as bad pain.

I can't say it has gone yet but it's bearable, i will see how things go in the morning, i'm still praying it's trapped wind. I'm more comfy laying down rather than sitting up.
Thanks everyone!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Sweetie
Just reading your post now...so glad the pain has gone; it isnt nice is it, and your mind just goes into overdrive....like you say, your health is the priority here! But, so glad you are sticking with it.

At the end of the day, this is an extreme diet and I suppose we will experience some problems that we may never have before.

I got gingivitus (sp), swelling of gums last time, week 3,,,,guess what is starting to come up again..my gums!! so, I reckon LT does play a bit of havoc with your body.

So long as you are pain free that is the main thing.

I would drink hot peppermint tea, one of the best remedies for tummy ache; I used to have it all the time when I had gallstones many years ago and it soothed it so much.

Have a good sleep tonight and tomorrow is another day! You are doing so well ;-)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Stinky, glad you feel a bit better. I definitely put my money on the treatments having an effect. If you had reflexology, it has an effect on the solar plexus which is the area you felt the windy pains. You did all the right things to help ease it. Now it is time to snuggle up and get a good night's rest and let the body recover.

Hang tough
hey stinky im so glad the pain has eased....fingers crossed it stays at bay and doesnt come back again so you can continue with this...have a good nights sleep its been a long day and heres to a fresh new tomorrow....x
reiki and massage will have a detoxifying effect on the body (im a holistic masseuse and also trained in reiki!) so you would have been told i expect to drink plenty of water andthen takeit really easy for the rest of the day..which i were you, id do. go to bed, rest and hopefully yourll feel a different woman in the morning. having saidall that, ive had gallbladder problems for (or rather no gallbladder now as removed) for a LONG time but as far as i can remember, when i had attacks i used to have to lie down and generally sleep them off, take strong painkillers etc. did the reiki therapist suggest you needed more concentration of healing around the stomach area you mention? ijust wondering if thats what may have agrevated your old problem? its not unknown.x
h x

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