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Setting a goal weight


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I am currently 13 stone 13lbs. The top end of my healthy bmi range is 11 stone 6, so I mentioned it to my leader the other day thinking I was getting fairly close to gold membership - I have lost 6 stone so 2 and a bit stone to go no longer seems a lot!

Anyway, her reaction was, don't look at these numbers yet - 11 stone 6 is too high for your age - you will want to go lower :eek:

Now, considering how much I have lost, I feel I have to be realistic about stopping at a weight I can maintain.

I started a size 24 and am now a 14 in most, though not all shops. I always said I would be happy at a 14. However my bmi is still 30 so I definitely want to lower it a bit more.

But now that I can see me getting down to a bmi of 25, I decided to focus on that.

Now she is moving the goal posts again and suggesting a bmi of 22 or 23.

Sorry for the long post, but really I am wondering how others have decided on their goal weight, and what input they had from their leader.


Nicola xx
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tell your leader to sod off lmao! To her, a lower BMI target is more class money - simple as. You set a goal you will be happy at.

My target is 11st, which gives me about 5 or 6 pounds leeway within my healthy BMI. I think 11st is enough for me, however once i reach it, if i'm unhappy I will go further.

You pick whatever goal you want - whether its a clothes size or a weight or a fitness level.. its your goal, not hers - dont let her dictate!


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Yeah I agree with Rach, I dont go to classes so just set my own goal but by the sound of it I wouldnt want to go to class! It does sound all money money money to be honest. BMI is not the be all and end all, you should go until you feel happy with your body. I wanted to get to 12 stone when I initially started at 17, now I am nearly there, i have realised that I would like to lose another couple. Its something only you can decide depending on your body! BMI doesnt take everything into account, a girl in my work is 12 stone and skinny as a rake, but has lot of muscle cause she is a bit of a fitness freak, ironically the healthiest teacher out there has an overweight BMI, load of rubbish!


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S: 20st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 7st3lb(36.07%)
Thanks for your input girls, thats what I wanted to hear to be honest!

My sister is a similar 'build' to me I think (as in we both have broad shoulders and hips!), and we are the same height. She is a size 12 and 11.5 stone - bmi of 25. To me she looks very slim, I can't imagine ever being any slimmer than her, thats why I was so peeved at the leaders suggestion.

Thanks again xx

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