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Setting mini milestones

Hi all! Im new to this forum and i would like some advice for setting mini milestones!
A bit of background:
I am 20, weigh 14 stone/200lbs and i am 5ft4. This is the heaviest i have ever been! In 2011, i was around 13st and managed to drop 3 stone in 3 months but stopped and quickly managed to put it on again plus a stone. I feel this happened because i thought oh ive lost a bit, may as well eat this and that and things spiralled and i have now ballooned to this weight. I want to go back to that routine and get to a healthy weight of 9 stone or even 8. I have noticed a lot of you have 'mini milestones' eg. get to bmi of 25, lose 10lbs. I was wondering how you guys decided on these mini goals? And did you set yourselfs time limits? Any kind of info would be great.

Thank you! I look forward to talking to you lovely ladies (and guys!) and losing this chubb! X
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Firstly well done on loosing the 3 stone in the first place. Unfortunately I think alot of us, I know I do, think oh i've lost a bit so that slice of cake wont be so bad coz i've lost the weight so it'll be ok.

I don't know about other people but I know I have to loose around 7stone in total to be at or around a healthy weight and out of the "obese" category. 7 stone is pretty daunting but I broke it down into little bits, a healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs per week so I figured if I hit around 2lb per week that averages out as 8lb per month meaning half a stone per month making it a stone every 2 months. This made it seems a little bit more do-able for me and made it feel possible. So this is the kinda goal that i'm sticking with, looking to loose give or take half a stone a month. My first weigh in this year hit at 1.5lbs loss so i'm pretty much on track well for this first week anyway! Who knows what'll happen next week! I don't really have a time frame but going by the above I should loose 6stone this year.

Do you know what you want to get down to? If so then just break it down into manageable chunks that you think and feel you can stick to. I'm sure it'll then come naturally to you and the weight will start falling off :) xxx


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Congrats on the 3 stone, now you KNOW you can do it again!!!!

I started out with 7 stone to lose and took a bit of time to set my mini goals. Most of them are things like "lose 1/2/3/4/5 etc. stone", "get down to size 20/18/16/14 etc." "no longer be obese/overweight", pretty standard and generic but there are couple that I tapped on at the end as and when I think of them, mostly milestones in the way I look that will hopefully be related to my weight loss:

Weigh less than 200lb
Have a visible collarbone
Only have one chin
No longer have what my wife calls "a pouch" around my waist
Have a stomach that sticks out LESS than my chest

I am sure there are lots more things I could add on, like meet weight requirements to go Zorbing (I was above the weight limit when on my honeymoon and was only allowed to Hydro-Zorb)
Thank you both for the advice. Its nice to know i am not the only one finding this journey ahead of me a little scary. I have taken your advice into account and set myself my own little journey timeline x


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S: 17st5lb C: 16st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 0st8lb(3.29%)
Loosing weight is something that is scary - something im not sure loads of people really think about.

We are here for you so if you ever feel like you need to chat then you know you've got a whole forum of people that are here to back you up and get you off your arse when you fall ;) xxx

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