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Setting or resetting your target weight!


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Tonight I reached my target weight and am sort of delighted but actually have a bit of turmoil going on at the same time!

The target date was 1st May (when I fly to Florida) and I began losing weight 7th August last year dropping from 17st 7lb to what I hoped would be 11st 4lb (based on "normal BMI range).

Last week I never weighed in as missed group when not 100%. I was 11st 8.5lb 6th April, then lost a staggering 8lb tonight meaning I'd "over-shot" my target by 3.5lb.

So what do I do now? - I have to remain within 3lb + or - of my target (11st 4lb) or re-set my target by at least 7lb. I don't of course wish to gain weight, so what do I do?

A target of 10st 11lb would be the next step as I don't wish to set a higher target.

Has anyone else had to do this - especially so soon after hitting target? - I am gobsmacked because I thought the final few pounds would have taken forever but in effect they were not.

Please advise.

I am of course going to Florida for two weeks, and as it stands I have 6.5lb leeway - which is handy.

Did I do the right thing in setting a target as I cannot help thing I may have inadvertently complicated things?

PS I'm looking forward to wearing my badge to work tomorrow:D
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Congrats on reaching your target! Unfortunately, I cannot advise on what to do with regards target, but I would be tempted to address it upon your return from your hols. Just wanted to say congrats :D


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I would say dont decide until after your hols. Being this far under target means that you can hopefully accomodate a gain after your holiday and still be within target range. See where you are after this and take it from there.


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Congrats on reaching target!

I had a bit of a similar issue last week - I'd planned to call target when I hit two stone, as that would mean I was at a 'good' weight, but still had room to lower my target by 7lb if I needed to without being 'too' skinny for my build. I lost 3lb in a week (never happens) which took my half a lb under my planned target - I also had two weeks left on a countdown, so was worried that if I waited until the end of my countdown and then called target any lower than I'd planned, I wouldn't have room to lower it further if I wanted to. Not sure if that rambling makes sense anywhere other than my head...!!

Anyway, I discussed with my C who advised me that actually, the 7lb rule if you want to change target is more general than set in stone. She had a member in one of her groups who struggled for weeks and weeks to lose the last few pounds, she gave up and called target higher, and the following week lost 4lb - my C then adjusted her target by the 4lb, rather than making her decide between deliberately gaining or resetting her target by half a stone. She explained that it's more to prevent people calling target week in week out to avoid paying, and at her discretion she would be happy to lower a target by less than the whole 7lb if it was appropriate.

Not sure if that's something your C would consider, or if it's something that would make a difference to you, but it has certainly made the prospect of calling target a lot less scary for me!!
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I'm with the others, Steve.
Accept that you'll have to pay again next week (you were expecting to, anyway, from the other side of target!), and head off to Florida with the maximum of leeway for gains.

Then when you come back, see where you are, then take some time to see how comfortable you are with your weight, and whether you really want to move your target.

And if you do, certainly it doesn't have to be by a whole half a stone.


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What a sensible attitude from your C Laura. I'd chat to yours, Steve and see if she can be as flexible. After all it's target members who are the best (free) publicity for Slimming World!
What Laura said is true. Although I am sure they wouldn't thank us for saying! It doesn't have to be set in stone. My initial Target was 12st 8, I blew past that, down to my second, which was 12st, and am now below my final Target which is set to 11st 9, and I'm at the bottom end of that, which I am not too worried about, as I've just started tablets that are very likely to make me gain again.

I haven't paid at all during this time. The other thing to remember is that once at Target you are not obliged to attend weekly. So if you missed a WI until you got back into target range, no big deal. As long as you go at least monthly AFAIK its fine.



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S: 17st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st11lb(38.78%)
Thanks for all the congrats etc. To be fair, I'm just a little dazed and confused (don't you dare say a word) at it all.

My consultant Helen is a fantastic support and source of inspiration and I'm sure she'll do the right thing by me - i just wasn't sure of the rules.

I don't want to gain weight obviously. We will see what this final week brings. Then enjoy Florida:D

Sarah, just to confirm next week IS free.

I skipped gym tonight as fancied being home at a reasonable hour. Now I feel guilty lol. No doubt Friday will see a nice long walk to make amends. Thing is I don't want to stop. The target I set was at the high end of "normal" (there's that daft word again lol). So there is plenty of room for manoevre.

It is just a weird sensation and a good place to be albeit unusual.


Have a great Easter weekend everyone.


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Well done that man! Have a fantastic holiday and bless the thought that no belt extender will be necessary!


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S: 17st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st11lb(38.78%)
Yeah, Shirleen!

How sad is that. I mentined it to a few people. I'm actually looking forward to getting on the plane and probably having to TIGHTEN the belt!

It was always a worry previously. Talk about a non-scale victory.

Even the Florida rides will be of no consequence - not a 2nd thought to any restrictions or test cars.:p

Awesome! (getting the lingo already ha)



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Better late than never but heartelt congratulations Steve. You have worked so hard at it and been so dedicated !!

hugs xxxx


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HAPPY TARGET CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm soo chuffed at how fast you've lost that! Well done, dude, you really are Minimus! :)

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Congrats Steve, what a fantastic achievement. Go & have the best holiday ever! BBxx


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S: 17st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st11lb(38.78%)
Thanks girlies. 36 weeks of being a goodie two shoes was hard work. I had ice cream today with (low syn) jelly. It was both good and bad at the same time.

This week is certainly for experimentation and orientation until I find my comfortable place.

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