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Severe depression etc


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Probably not a good idea, but you would have to check with your doctor/pharmacist.

You also need to check your statistics honey, as you are showing that you are 13ft 4inches x


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Hi Vickster,
I don't have depression but I have got Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (diagnosed early 2006). I have done LT on and off several times over the past year and found it ok once I am over the first 3 days. In fact I actually feel more human than i normally do once Ketosis kicks in around day 4!! My energy levels seem higher than normal too whilst I am on this diet. I know that a lot of people with CFS struggle with weight gain due to not being able to be very active, and also weight gain can be a side effect from some of the medication we are put on to ease pain. Good luck with your weight loss journey. x


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Id check with your pharmacist hun as the 1st few days can mess with the depression. Im on citalopram for it so i know. Please double check as i know how bad it can get.
Hi! I've not got depression but I do have CFS (M.E) - I've had it for 11 years now and I’ve been on this diet for over 100 days now and have lost about 5 stone - it isn’t easy but without the sugar and other things in my diet I also feel a lot more stable - it hasn’t got rid of my pain or anything like that but I don’t feel quite so out of it. I really hope you get on ok and remember we’re all here to offer support! X

mum2alex - it's great finding other people with CFS on the diet too. Hope your AWAP at the moment X



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Hi Willowfire,
I'm not too bad thanks, had a very stressful couple of years due to divorce and numerous court hearings but thankfully the stress didn't seem to cause any relapses (touch wood!). Wow what a great weight loss you have had, good to hear that you are feeling less out of it on this diet. I hate the spaced out days! x
I'm so glad it didn't triger any relapses! That's really never fun at all! I hope things have settled after your divorce and everything. I'm really pleased with the loss I've had - still got a way to go but I'm getting there! Spaced out days are never fun - stupid brain fog!

I'm always about if you ever fancy a chat! Take lots of care!



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Thanks, have just sent u a message. x


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I was just wondering if it really is ok to be on lipotrim if you have severe depression and chronic fatigue?

I am on day 10 of Lipotrim and I remember vividly one of the question I had to answer was, whether I was suffering from depression. Your pharmacist will advise you on this issue, after all they are trained for this diet:D
Definitely speak to the Pharmacist at least. Although maybe doing LT through a doctors would be better with depression and chronic fatigue?
Hi Vickster, i have clinical depression and taking medication for it (trazadone). I am currently on LT and can honestly say i haven't felt as clear minded or awake as i have been lately on LT. It could be coinsidence but i'm not sure. Anyway i told the pharmacist and she said it was ok with my medication. Obviously everybody's depression is different but just thought i'd let you know my info. I've done LT before and it is a bit of a mind f*** surviving without food for weeks on end but it has also given me some confidence back and the ketosis creates a feeling of well being (i think).

Good luck.x

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