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severe headaches , help ?

the general solution to any problem with LL rends to be to drink more water.
HOWVER, the cause of your headaches may be a few things. You've got to week 4 so you'll be fully in keitosis and won't be having withdrawl from anything. Unless you've cut down on black coffee and tea?
I had a banging headache this morning but have made sure to have plenty of water. A couple of paracetamol helped too.
If you've had it all wekk it may be a different underlying problem so may be worth seeing the doctor about it.
Hope you feel better for the weekend. It's friday- hooray!!
thanks rachel , unfortunately the weekend makes no difference to me as i work weekends :( , i don't drink tea or coffee just water , if i am honest i probably only drink about 2 litres of water a day as i don't seem able to take much more .
Notts Boy,

You defo need more water -- read this link I found in the Cambridge Diet forum:


Temporary solutions for headaches:

* paracetemol
* Lempsip Sinus 12 hr (also known as Lemsip Flu 12 hr)**

**The additional ingredient in these tablets helps me enormously with stress headaches.

I was told by my GP once that limiting calories to less than 1,000 a day might cause the body to be in "stress" mode and why my sinus problem / sinus headaches could be worse doing something like this.

However, having said that I personally only had a bad headache on Day 1 of Lighter Life and since then have been fine -- but have got into the knack of drinking 4 litres a day.

Between 6 am and 8 am I sip 1 litre before work, then 1 litre before "lunch" time (which is now WALKING time for me) and 1 litre after lunchbreak .... and 1 litre when I get home.

Also, I don't use a litre bottle as it looks daunting -- I use 2 x half litre bottles and take lots of sips and find I've soon finished one bottle and am onto the next one.

Best wishes with LL, with your water intake + solving the headaches.

Paul, my recommendation is to visit your GP as he/she is your major source of clinical advice, I would also let your LL counsellor know.

A week of severe headaches means you need to get checked over as your health is most important.

If you can't get to your GP today then I recommend giving NHS Direct a call and having a chat.

I am sure you are fine but best to get checked out.

Not surprised

I knew you'd say you weren't drinking the full amount of water. Anything less than 4 litres doesn't work for me with weight loss and headaches.
You need to start as soon as you wake up in the morning. i take 2 glasses of water to bed at night and have a drink if I go to the loo in the night.
The water flavourings help too. You get used to them.
Our LLC said think of yourself like a water wheel, keep lubricating little and often all through the day.
That's the answer i'm sure.
Good luck, keep it up.
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ive had really awful headaches as well so much so that light even annoys me, went to the doc about it and he told me it was basically that i wasnt getting enough water and to take the usual paracetamol however i found that didnt work either and ended up just lying in a dark room. So moral of the story drink loads of water hun and ya will be fine. Hope it gets better soon.
hi , no i have not contacted a doctor as yet but am now drinking a lot more water even though i am struggling to do so , the headaches are still as bad but i will keep the water up and hope it helps , paul x.:sigh:
I suffered with headaches through my time on LL and CD, for first few days I put down to carb withdrawal, then they stopped. But whenever I get headaches which is very often when I'm on SS the only thing that helps is Migraleve tablets which I usually take for migraine and are available over the counter from chemists.

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