severe headaches , help ?


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the general solution to any problem with LL rends to be to drink more water.
HOWVER, the cause of your headaches may be a few things. You've got to week 4 so you'll be fully in keitosis and won't be having withdrawl from anything. Unless you've cut down on black coffee and tea?
I had a banging headache this morning but have made sure to have plenty of water. A couple of paracetamol helped too.
If you've had it all wekk it may be a different underlying problem so may be worth seeing the doctor about it.
Hope you feel better for the weekend. It's friday- hooray!!


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thanks rachel , unfortunately the weekend makes no difference to me as i work weekends :( , i don't drink tea or coffee just water , if i am honest i probably only drink about 2 litres of water a day as i don't seem able to take much more .

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Notts Boy,

You defo need more water -- read this link I found in the Cambridge Diet forum:

Temporary solutions for headaches:

* paracetemol
* Lempsip Sinus 12 hr (also known as Lemsip Flu 12 hr)**

**The additional ingredient in these tablets helps me enormously with stress headaches.

I was told by my GP once that limiting calories to less than 1,000 a day might cause the body to be in "stress" mode and why my sinus problem / sinus headaches could be worse doing something like this.

However, having said that I personally only had a bad headache on Day 1 of Lighter Life and since then have been fine -- but have got into the knack of drinking 4 litres a day.

Between 6 am and 8 am I sip 1 litre before work, then 1 litre before "lunch" time (which is now WALKING time for me) and 1 litre after lunchbreak .... and 1 litre when I get home.

Also, I don't use a litre bottle as it looks daunting -- I use 2 x half litre bottles and take lots of sips and find I've soon finished one bottle and am onto the next one.

Best wishes with LL, with your water intake + solving the headaches.



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Panadol Extra and lots of water. Works a treat. Dehydration headaches are horrible and I got a lot when I first started.

B x


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Paul, my recommendation is to visit your GP as he/she is your major source of clinical advice, I would also let your LL counsellor know.

A week of severe headaches means you need to get checked over as your health is most important.

If you can't get to your GP today then I recommend giving NHS Direct a call and having a chat.

I am sure you are fine but best to get checked out.



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Not surprised

I knew you'd say you weren't drinking the full amount of water. Anything less than 4 litres doesn't work for me with weight loss and headaches.
You need to start as soon as you wake up in the morning. i take 2 glasses of water to bed at night and have a drink if I go to the loo in the night.
The water flavourings help too. You get used to them.
Our LLC said think of yourself like a water wheel, keep lubricating little and often all through the day.
That's the answer i'm sure.
Good luck, keep it up.


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ive had really awful headaches as well so much so that light even annoys me, went to the doc about it and he told me it was basically that i wasnt getting enough water and to take the usual paracetamol however i found that didnt work either and ended up just lying in a dark room. So moral of the story drink loads of water hun and ya will be fine. Hope it gets better soon.


Hi Paul, hope your headaches are alittle better. Did you give the doctor a call? (I sound like mother hen)


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hi , no i have not contacted a doctor as yet but am now drinking a lot more water even though i am struggling to do so , the headaches are still as bad but i will keep the water up and hope it helps , paul x.:sigh:


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I suffered with headaches through my time on LL and CD, for first few days I put down to carb withdrawal, then they stopped. But whenever I get headaches which is very often when I'm on SS the only thing that helps is Migraleve tablets which I usually take for migraine and are available over the counter from chemists.