Puddings sexy puds plz ;)


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Hi Shorty

There are quite a few recipes on this board including:

Scan Bran Chocolate Cake
SW Christmas Cake
Ginger Cake
Lemon Syrup Cous Cous Cake

There are also ice cream recipes using Muller light yogurts and you could make up a sort of trifle using fresh fruit covered in sugar free jelly made up to 1 pint covered with a blancmange amde of fat free fromage frais mixed with another sugar free jelly (made up to 1/2 pint with boiling water then allow to cool and mix with fromage frais) then topped with a small squirt of squirty cream.

I hope this helps to get you going.



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hi, i love 0% total greek yogut add it to most deserts it makes them seem really naughty, my favourite at the moment is slice a banana top with banana muller light top with 2 mini meringue's broken up(2 syns) then top with 0% also nice with the vanilla and choc mullers. could be done with any fruit and flavour muller.
i even add a spoonful of 0% to just a plain muller it just makes it a real treat.
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thanks guys im really getting in2 this slimming world lark its so easy lol i have losty half stone already in 2wks and i have been eating like a rite pig lol :D