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shake/soup plan for the day


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Hi guys

hope your all getting on well with CD

right.. wonder if i could get your advice on something. esp any CDCs lurking on here :help2:

i have a REAL problem in the evening being really hungry. and throughout the day i dont. so i devised a plan to try and give me on the straight and narrow on CD

I was going to do the following

half pack of shake for brekkie
1 soup or shake for lunch
1 soup or shake, and half pack of tetra as ice cream

that way i can have a soup and ice cream, so it feels like a meal and a dessert. or i could make a muffin with a shake pack and have that with ice cream. i did that twice this week and im still losing. it really filled me up and as the ice cream was solid and the muffin was hot, not only was it LUSH but it took a while to eat. and it felt like a meal

would this be ok. it is working really well for me, but im worried that this will go against the 'rules' so to speak of CD

Thanks guys!! xx
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getting slimmer

i'm not a cdc, so i can only give you my opinion.

i think it is fine, as long as you have all your cd pack in one day, i cant see it matters what time, as people work nights, shifts ect.
this is what i do;

split one tetre into mould for 4 lollys.

11am ish half a shake made with lots of water
5pm ish full soup, lots of water, while family has there meal.
1 lolly (1/4 tetra)
7pm ish 1/2 bar out the freezer (takes longer to chew!)
9pm ish 1 lolly
10.30pm ish 1/2 bar

i feel like i am "snacking" all evening, when i have only had my allowed packs all day.

going the day time without food is fine for me- so busy i dont think about it!
its the evenings when the soaps are on the i find it hard - boredem sets in i think, not so much hunger!
so, having 1 1/2 cd packs to get through is great stuff

i usually have a glass of fizzy water with cd flavouring in to, as a "treat" in the evening.

sometimes in the afternoon, if i feel like i need something i have a cup of bollioun (sp?) which keeps me going.

sorry to waffle on, hope you find it usefull.

good luck with your weight loss. xx

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