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Hiya Lisa, They do sell the shakers at the chemist but I always use a blender because I have all my shakes hot and I think you need the blender so you don't get the dreaded lumps. The shaker is great if you have your shakes cold. Hope this helps and good luck this time.
HI Lisa,
Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, thats what were all here for!!
I prefer to have the shakes cold and use the shaker you get from the chemist. But you should def try both and see what you think.
When are you starting?
I use a stick blender at home which is the easiest to make the shake smooth.

At work I use a simpel tesco shaker. To avoid lumps I put in a couple of inches of cold water, tip in the contents of a sachet, shake really well until all smooth. Only then add the rest of the water (hot or cold whichever you prefer).
Thanks for your replies I am starting on Monday as its my bday on sunday and im out friday n over weekend, im hoping to go and get everything from pharmacy on friday but wonder if they will giv it me in advance or will i need to weigh in on the day that im starting?
i have mine cold and use a shaker i find it easyier that way and less messy (i can be a right mucky pup at times) just have to give it a really good shaking to sieve out all the lumps :D
Im not sure about your chemist, but mine gave me mine of friday and i started yesterday as she was off for a few days, so just ask and they can only say no :D
Another vote here for the shaker, its been indispensable for me because work doesn't have a blender and its, for me, a lot less mess, noise and hassle cleaning afterwards.

I'll reiterate whats been said about only using them for cold drinks, I once tried to make the chicken soup in it only for the steam to increase the pressure inside the shaker blowing the lid off as I shook it...at least it warned me that the chicken soup was rank before I tasted it :p
Thanks for your reply door! So i take it chicken soup not the best then lol! Can you choose what flavours you get from chemist or just get what your given so to speak?
Tastes vary from person to person, I can't stand anything but the vanilla so I've had that for the last 6 weeks. You can choose what flavours you want from the chemist, easiest thing to do is perhaps ask for a variety, if there are any you don't like you can normally take them back to exchange.
Definitely the blender, the shaker always leaves lumps, blender all the way
I've never tried the shaker, I bought a hand mixer which cost me all of £3.96 and it mixes my shakes/hot chocolates really well, I wouldn't do without it ( started off using a hand whisk, lumpy results everytime :rolleyes: )
before i used a shaker i used to whisk it in but id run it through a small sieve first to get the lumps out and make sure it mixes properly weird i know but at the time it worked pretty well know i just through it all in my shaker and shake like hell for a min or two lol and works a treat :):):)

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