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Shakes are rank!


Bad Girl
Hi guys, I'm on my second day of Exante and having a real problem with the shakes. :(

I've had the banana and the vanilla so far, and am making them with a cocktail shaker so they're well mixed.

The taste isn't the problem, it's the texture. I don't really "do" milk and milky things anyway, and I'm just finding the shakes waaay too thick for me to enjoy. :jelous:

Tomorrow I'm going to test strawberry I think, but I was thinking I might try making it at half-strength, ie just half a pack in my 250mls of water, then have the other half a bit later in another 250mls of water. Has anyone tried this?

Also if you don't think that would work does anyone have any other suggestions for me? A friend who has done LL suggested mixing them with black coffee but I don't drink tea or coffee either!

Look forward to getting to know you all over the coming months and hopefully sharing your successes. :)
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hey yambabe....ive only started 2day but im liking the strawberry shake i put crused ice into it and made a smootie,,had a tomoto/basil soup for tea(rankkkkkk)but added some tabasco sauce which made it a little more tasty,,,i tried eatin it in a bowl but due to taste i put it in a cup and basicly downed it...day 1 was hard but like they say..no pain no gain...good luck....steelcity


Bad Girl
Good idea TT but the idea of a hot thick milky drink..... uuuurghhhh....:eek: probably just me being too fussy, I'll maybe try that with the chocolate one cos it might be like a hot choc I spose.

I've had the vegetable and mushroom soups so far and enjoyed both of them, so much so that I'm thinking when I renew my next bulk order I might just order soups and not bother with the shakes.

I'll let you know how it goes with thinning them tomorrow then. :)


Gold Member
I always have twice the amount of water in my shakes, usually have half a shake for brekkie with 250mls water and same for lunch. I can drink them with the normal amount but prefer them less thick.


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Am I so strange?
I really like all the shakes, soups and bars!!


Bad Girl
Well mixing half a pack of strawberry with water and having it thinner seems a lot better.

Still not mad keen but then as I said I don't really like milk or milky products.

The other advantage of course is that I now have 4 "meals" today instead of just 3, even though I'm still only using 3 packs. :)

I think everyone's taste will differ tbh, and would expect nothing less.


Bad Girl
Got given another shake tip last night.

Apparently if you mix with about 50mls of water then put them in the freezer they turn into a sort of ice-cream - I'm going to give that a try tonight with vanilla I think so I can eat it in the morning!

Ooooh and thanks to tummy tamer, I tried banana hot (and diluted!) today and it was verging on nice! :D Maybe I can do this thing after all............


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Wouldn't advise the ice cream thing, you are supposed to drink them within 15 minutes or the vitamins and minerals start breaking down and you don't get all the nutrition you need. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings...........

Tummy Tamer

Full Member
So the name "shrinking violet" is supposed to be ironic then !!! as well as referring to your weight loss. So many levels !!

Personally I think it is a good idea that you steer clear of caffeine, I don't think the forum or the world could handle it if you did. Although I think it would be fun to watch!!

Exante customer services are brilliant about swapping packs. Send them an e mail, they reply almost straight away [ If you e mail during the day!]

Welcome to the thread you little precious flower you.