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shakes / timing / cdc?


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Hi all. Need some info from those that know about these things. There's two questions really..... I want to make a final week and a half push to get to my target before a holiday (11lb off target) I know its a tall order and probably won't make it, but I want to feel I did everything in my power to get as near as possible so I'm proud of myself. Is it true the more you drink etc...
The second question is - I heard on here that someone said if you wait too long between shakes you go into starvation mode and stop burning fat. I'm not a breakfast person, so 1st shake is about 12ish, then tea time, then when kids are in bed-8pm ish. However if there are clubs etc.. after school, my 2nd and 3rd shakes can be quite close with only one in the day. I'm never hungry anymore and for me its not a problem, but want advice on what my body thinks about this? I had 1 + 2 earlier today, and I got hungrier all day?????
Sorry big rant....
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Hi ya

I dont think you could do anything else really to lose any quicker than you are already, 11.5 lbs in a week and a half is quite a lot, someone may come on and say differently. Just keep on with what your doing and you will be pretty close anyway.

As for having your shakes at different times, this has never made any differnce to me I sometimes leave quite long gaps between or have a couple together. When following LL I was advised to space them out so that you get into a good habit for the future, it never made me jump out of ketosis of effect my loses.

Good luck and hopefully someone else may be able to help a little more.

Lisa x


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Is it true the more you drink etc...
No. It's a myth. You do need the recommended amount of water though as ketogenic diets tend to be dehydrating.

The second question is - I heard on here that someone said if you wait too long between shakes you go into starvation mode and stop burning fat.
That's another myth. Starvation mode does exist without a doubt, but not in a 24 hour time frame.

You can have your shakes at any time in a day..and with long gaps inbetween if that works better for you. You could even have them all in one go, though that's probably not advisable as all the carbs in one go could upset ketosis.

I used to split mine. 3 shakes, but 6 meal times. Only because I tend to be a grazer, so it worked better for me that way :)


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Thanks all. I'm trying to up my water intake a little as not sure as I drink as much as I did when I first started, not even sure I was definatly having the 2ltrs. Will make a constant effort to ensure I am. I glad about shake thing and timing. I was happy with the way it was going, yesturday just made me feel deprived when usually I would have had a shake - I know I won't get to target and even when I set it, I knew in my heart I wouldn't, but I'm the kinda person that needs the 'wouldn't it be amazing if.....' I am very happy with my progress so far so I know I'll be okay with any extra weight loss before hols. And knowing I did my very very best and could do no better is just such a great feeling... when I started I couldn't have said 100% I would still be here today..... now I can say 100% I will be straight on cd ss straight after my diet. I CAN do it, I've proved that to myself and it has really worked for me. In a way wish I didn't have a holiday coming up.....do you understand what I mean??? Thanks all
Just looked at your pics, KD...amazing!! Very inspirational! I'm on my 3rd day now and weighed myself this morining...4lbs down already! I'm really excited about this. I'm hoping to lose 3stone by the 12th june. I know thats a bit ambitious so I'm aiming for a 2 stone loss as a mini target xxx


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Thankyou flowergirl :thankyou:

Sounds like you've made a great start, and I love that positive frame of mind:cool:
Thanks KD! I've just got back from lunch at the pub with some of my friends....well, I say lunch! I sat and had 2 black coffees and some water while they ate!! It was fine though and didn't even bother me! I really hope I can keep this up! Tomorrow will be a good test as I have to be up for work at 6am and then have another shift 4pm-10pm. Think i'm gonna find it hard but i am determined to do this!! xxx

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