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Shakes @ work

Hi guys,

This is my first day & I have already fallen into trouble. I had planned to have my chicken soup 2day 4 lunch but I just had 2 throw it out. What with the lumps I just couldn't drink it. I am not sure if it was just the lumps or the smell that put me off.

How do you guys make ur shakes @ work? I don't want 2 draw attention 2 myself by bringing in an electric whisk. But if needs be....

Maybe the chicken soup is just rank?

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Ive been having my soups at home 100% perfect. Took it to work today and it all lumped up.

At home I've been using a small hand wisk, like the ones you get free with hot choc mugs you can buy at Xmas, will be taking it to work tomoro, I can just claim I'm fussy without making a scene

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Hi, Dont give up, i have tried the chicken soup and just made it up like a cuppa soup and it was fine, although i did add the water slowly so made a paste out of the powder first. I have found the shakes are better if you can make with very cold water and just shake and shake, (at least it is getting rid of my bingo wings in the process :) if you put the powder in first then your water it seems to work better. Believe me it does get easier. Good luck.


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I've found putting a small amount of water in first, then powder, then rest of water, stops it clogging at the bottom of the shaker.

The best shaker I've found was the ones with the silver spring ball thing, works a treat!



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Hi sparkle,

I shake everything up in my shaker which I got in the pharmacist with my LT products.

For the soup I mix it cold (at the microwave at work and hope people don't notice) and then pour it into a bowl and heat in the microwave! Tastes perfect.

Then for the choc shake I mix 250mls of mint tea (which I have left to cool) plus the sachet into my shaker, then pour into a jug and froth up with my coffee machine and have yummy hot choc lovely in the evening!

Good luck .. It's very hard at work I know .. I don't want to tell anyone what I'm doing, so on the days I don't have soup I pop out for a ten min walk with my shaker sachet and bottle of water and make my shake out and about!

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The soup can actually be nice. Lumpy is NOT good. i was in my boyfriends house one day and his mam made dinner so i decided to make my soup. didn'y want to make a big fuss so just figured i'd throw the powder in a bowl and fill it up with boiling water. oh dear god it was a disaster..horrible watery soup with slimy lumps floating in it...bleugh...and the worst part was i had to eat it all anyway so my boyfriends mam wouldn't fuss over me. tried to mush the lumps against the side of the bowl bit nothing could save it. I learned my lesson though, as goingforit! said above, the best way to deal with this is to make a paste first and gradually, with constant stirring add more water. you shoud have perfect soup then. enjoy!


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Sparkle it’s easy. Take a shaker with you. Mix soup with cold water and heat it up in the microwave.


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I use the shakers too... though I havent tried soup yet...


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glammam they are disgusting for me. I ate 50% of it and had to put them into bin as I almost through up.. :( But my friend likes them just because she can chew them.

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