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I got a bad batch of shakes because they seem to taste of nothing?
I have tried them and that is how I would describe them as well...'tasting of nothing':)


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I only have shakes and I love them! I love that the flavours are subtle and milky rather than strong, sweet and chemically like I expected (I take proteinsupplements and thats how they are!!)
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Yes, the shakes are rather bland. Doesn't really bother me, I see them a a means to an end. I've tried a few others and I prefer the taste of nothing to the chemical taste. You can always add other flavours. I like the vanilla with coffee or vanilla essence. I look forward to going into working solution in a few pounds time so I can reintroduce interesting flavours
The products don't have MSG in them which would enhance the flavour. I'd rather them be bland than be full of artificial flavourings not mentioning any other diets
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I like the shakes - havent found them to 'taste of nothing' though, I like them :D

The soups are ok too - bit foamy when I blend them but still fairly pleasant to drink.

Can't eat any of the bars though - took 3 hours to get through one and that was enough for me lol

I did CD a while back and miss the ready mixed cartons - very handy when out and about or at work but Exante is good so far :)
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I love the soups and I can't even express my love for the bars!
The shakes are very bland, but at least they're drinkable.
I think the banana one has the most flavor in it


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I know what you mean about the shakes being "flavourless" but I thought that was only me after coming over from LT. I prefer the texture of the Exante ones and still add a load of tablet sweeteners to the shakes.
S: 11st4lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st8lb(5.06%)
I love the creamy texture, to me it's more important than the taste. I use less water and blend them to thicken them. Then I eat them with a spoon, yum.

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