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Hey everyone David here I'm just wondering all I have taken in the 31 days I've been on lipotrim is the strawberry shakes because I loved then and were the easiest to get down but I have to say this last 3 days I am nearly vomiting getting them down each morning and evening !!! Is it because I stayed with the same or us it my body saying enough is enough with that sEUR&t lol !!!!! Just a thought!!?
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Hi David ...

No idea - know I was nearly sick for the first week with the shakes - had to treat them like medicine and push my tongue into the roof of my mouth [so I couldn't taste them] just to get them down!.

Just wondering if you should try the other flavours now as our 'taste[less] buds' do change with all the tfr thing. I still wouldn't say I like the shakes but they no longer make me want to spend the next hour with my head stuck down that 'great white, porcelain express way' !!

Keep smiling - how may days now?


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Hi David, I think it's probably the same with any food no matter how much you love it in the start! You can probably overdose your taste-buds a wee bit! When I was a kid I ADORED Chef Brown Sauce and I put it on EVERYTHING! Now I can hardly bear to be in the same room as a bottle of the ghastly stuff!!
Hi David

I also find myself being turned off the shakes, first week I made myself have the vanilla one but this week I only got 3 sachets of them because the thoughts of them makes me sick !! Because I now only take strawberry and chocolate I found this morning that the strawberry one is getting worse to get down and im not feeling the best today at all !! I'll stick with it though and ive decided to put less water in the shakes so less to drink and just knock it back as quick as I can !! You don't have long left to go stick with it :)


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Just finished week no. 10, and for about 9 weeks I used to drink strawberry for breakfast and choc for the rest of the day. I feel ok with that but to change something about the taste, I add a coffe to the choc one in the afternoon. This feels like I have 3 flavours instead of 2. And have to say - still love them. But I had a similar situation before with chicken soup. After a while I've stopped as I didn't want to push myself to eat something what doesn't give any even small pleasure.

Mrs jk

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My experince first time round was I nearly didn't get through day one as I can't take the texture of shakes so I take mine like a mousse. The longer I was on it (and agian this time round) the less I can take them- it's like a chore to take them as the only one I can stand is choclate and even them barely!!

I can't really give you advice other than perhaps try the others again and try other ways of consuming them?


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coffee is the key! Add to coffee to them and they are tons better! I was completely off vanilla until i added it and then it was lovely!
PS. not so sure about strawberry though...anyone??!
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David if you go into your chemist i'm sure they would swap the sachets for another flavour! They did that for me! I mean it's no trouble to them, and they are keeping their customers happy you know? :p

I was going to suggest the coffee thing too.. you could try a small spoonfull in a vanilla shake? I find that lovely. it's more like a frappucino than a regular coffee! i have friends that hate coffee, but ive got them to try frappuccinos ant they have loved them :)

I would say it's just the variety you're lacking! They all have the same nutritional content, but as shivie said, if you just eat something nice repeatedly you will get sick of it! maybe mix it up, try the soup even? I tried the soup the other day with a small spoonful of curry powder & it tastes different yet again! Variety is what keeps my going I think.


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I got told by the pharmacist that your taste buds change after a while!!! But with 5 days to go!!!

WHO CARES!!!???? Bet you don't lol..

Your nearly there!!!! SOOOOOOO happy for you!!!! x
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I am the same with the strawberry, can only tolerate them for the first two weeks then they get a bit sickly :( I just get mostly chocolate with a couple of vanilla that I make into milk for coffee :)

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