shaking and horrible feeling


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dont wanna scare anyoe away...
but is this normal?
i dont remember getting this last time i started... (im on day two) and ive had the shakes realllllly bad this morning... didnt exactly know what to do... (did prob the wrong thing... but any who)

is the shaking and horrible feeling normal?
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I had this first time around, around day 4, shakes and feeling really "out of body" and light headed? I was told to take 5 mins to relaz, def dont panic, put your head between your knees if needed, and just breathe deeply and it will pass. Worked for me hun xx


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i had this alot, more this time than before. but just like the others said - have an extra shake and a sit down and it should pass. Unfortunately i felt like that since i started this time round and i wasn't going away, constantly light-headed and shakey so i've now moved up to 810. Only been a day and i feel better than i have in weeks. Just listen to your body hun.


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The symptons you describe can be attributed to Carbohydrate withdrawal (If you haven't cut down on carbs before you started)

The body gets fuel from food you eat i.e. carbs (Normally)

Without the carbohydrates, the body starts to deplete its glycogen stores and eventually enters ketosis to use stored body fat as fuel instead (Due to lack of a sufficient amount of carbs)

The changeover from Carbohydrate fuel to Ketone fuel is what can cause people to shake and generally feel sluggish and/or tired as the body needs time to recompose itself and adjust.

I wouldn't worry about it, it doesn't happen to everybody, the feeling should pass within a day or two (When fully into ketosis) as your body will have adjusted to the changeover.

Hope that helps (I feel like a doctor!! lol)

*NOTE* I am not medically trained in any way, I read an ebook a while ago called 'The Ketogenic Diet' by Lyle McDonald, interesting read and is where I get most of my information regarding Ketosis from :D

p.s. If you're in Ketosis already, the dizziness could well be low blood sugar as has already been mentioned, I get it when I stand up too fast or make sudden movements, It passes after a couple of seconds but it can make you feel uneasy!


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I'm on day 2 & have restarted after having my baby last year.
I came on here & searched 'shaking' :eek: :D cos im sitting here feeling weak & i'm shaking.

I've done this diet a few time so i knew it was coming but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced it.... and i saw your post.

I normally start to feel better on day 4 so just hoping that come thursday i'll be feeling better.


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
Thanks everyone for the replies... Im going to stick to my 4 shakes and skimmed milk (ss+) for now...

I didst get the shakes last time I started off... but I'm glad in a wierd way I'm not the only one... lol..

I used it as a big excuse today, to eat crappy foods, so I'm starting again tomorrow. Clean slate, and being good. :)


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oh hun :(
Well, Ive given myself just 4 more weeks on the 810 and then after that, who knows. Hit a sticky patch yesterday which caused me to stall this week so Ive stayed the same.
together, we can crack it. really going for it this week.
also, CDC had a right go at me for gymming it lately which she thinks it creating a fuss with my body. huh :(

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Hi Kes,

I had those shakes SO bad yesterday, dizziness and a thumping headache-couldnt sleep at all last night as was having heart palpitations and I kept feeling like I was going to "black out" -even though I was lying down!

I just sipped lots of water and hoped that it would pass. I got up this morning and felt REALLY I was a little worried and rang my CDC and explained my symptoms and she said to try eating something - chicken breast or tuna, something with protein but low-to-no-carbs in and see how I felt. So I ate some chicken and I feel much better! The dull headache's still there but I'm not shaking, not having palpitations and I dont feel like I'm going to black out anymore!

I've decided to go up to the 810 plan or even the 1000plan and work my way back down instead...... Good luck with your re-start xx


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
thanks hun,
feeling fine today... just slight normal head ache... so just going to try and trudge through... :) and if it happens again, then i might think about going up a plan.... but i will see what happens.